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Transgenderdate Review 2022

Transgenderdate Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 56%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-50
Profiles 37 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 9.8
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Transgenderdate is entirely free
  • Profiles are very detailed and carefully verified. Users can upload up to 500 profiles
  • Transgenderdate website allows for audio and video live chat
  • It offers a variety of communication options ranging from chats and blogs to message boards and chat rooms
  • Transgenderdate users are brisk and lively
  • There are reduced chances of fake users on the site
  • Many users of the website have complained about the performance of its customer service
  • There is no mobile app for Transgenderdate
  • The website design is outdated

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Transgenderdate is an online dating site that creates an environment for users to meet new partners, share and create ideas, and get a deeper insight into the transgender community. A large statistics of online dating sites cater to the needs of the heterosexual community, neglecting people with LGBTQ sexual orientations.

Transgenderdate is a dating app that allows the LGBTQ community to find meaningful relationships without hidden judgmental restrictions. Transgenderdate website also caters to all genders and sexual orientations, including straight people. It simultaneously eliminates the “trial and error” sequence the LGTBQ community is subjected to while using other dating sites.

Transgenderdate was founded in 2007 and so far has a statistic of over 7 million monthly page views, 110,000 worldwide registered members, and 100,000 distinct monthly visitors. These visitors spam across the United States, United Kingdom, Iran, Canada, and the Netherlands and are ultimately active. It actively uses 22 technologies for its site. Some of these include Google analytics, Viewpoint Meta, and iPhone/ mobile compatible.

Having tested and trusted the Transgenderdate website, be rest assured that this is a platform for you to do you. It is a community where acceptance is innate. So, if you’ve been on countless futile searches for a community to belong and still find true love, you have to stay glued till the end of this review.

Transgenderdate Review

How Does It Work?

Individuals who have decided to use Transgenderdate need no magic word before they can operate it. It is not rocket science either. The first essential step is to visit the Transgenderdate home page and fill out the required information to register.

The next step is for users to spice up profiles with photos and details that best portray their personalities. At this point, all that is left to do is to start chatting, mingling, and enjoy Transgenderdate features.

Sign-up & Login Process

Transgenderdate differs from all other dating apps in more ways than one. This website does not allow sign up, and registration with Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts, so users have to register ab initio.

Nonetheless, registration remains an easy, quick, and uncomplicated process. To do that in less than a minute, follow these systematic processes:

  • Specify your gender from the list: genetic woman, genetic man, trans man, trans woman, inter-sexed female, inter-sexed male, transvestite/crossdresser, and androgynous.
  • Specify your gender of interest from the same list.
  • Select a preferred username, fill in your email address and your zip code location.
  • Fill out your profile, including age, weight, religion, starter questions, income, profile photos, music, and whatsoever you deem necessary.

That’s it! Although, it is weighty for Transgenderdate users to note that usernames cannot be changed afterward. So, you might want to give a second thought to your current choice. Select a username that you are entirely satisfied with because if the need for change arises, a new registration with a different email address is the only option.

Are you wondering how the Transgenderdate website verifies the profiles of its users with such easy registration and no email verifications? Well, here’s how. Click on “Verify” at the bottom page at the stage of profile creation. A number is assigned to you right after. Transgenderdate users are expected to write out the number on a piece of paper and upload a selfie holding the piece of paper.

How you look should not be a bone of contention. You need neither makeup nor fancy clothes. The reasons are only the moderators of Transgenderdate ever get to see the selfie, it will never be uploaded on your page, and it is deleted under 24 hours after the verification is complete. There you have it, a verified profile with easy registration.

Sign-up & Login Process

Profile Interface

It has been established that setting up a profile in Transgenderdate is a milestone without hassles. It is straightforward and extraordinarily easy. It is not mandatory to fill out your profile completely before you unlock chat options. Notwithstanding, it is advantageous to do so.

Users should not bypass verifying their accounts and uploading profile photos. Once again, it is not mandatory, but only such users can interact in blog posts and comment on other member’s profiles. There are no limits to the number of photo uploads as users have the liberty to post up to 500 photos.

Besides, seeing is believing, so a photo of you and a detailed profile description goes a long way. With information about your personality, birth date, religion, relationship status, self-perceived ideologies, and physical traits, members with common interests are drawn in.

This makes it easier to find a platonic or romantic partner. Based on Transgenderdate reviews, however, the majority of users have subscribed to this school of thought and mapped out a good amount of details on their profile page.

Profile Interface


An outstanding feature of the Transgenderdate website is that it offers an entirely free plan. It creates a safe environment for trans and straight people to converse without paid subscriptions. This does not limit its communication options.

Finding a good match begins first from the quality of your profile. After that, verified users get advanced chat options. The first option is general and topic-based chat rooms and message boards to mingle and scout for matches who share similar ideas. Secondly, blogs within the Transgenderdate website to engage in conversations in the comment section and find interesting matches. The last matchmaking option is a casual instant messaging and chatting with other users to develop relationships.

The plot twist is these features are entirely free. Any member with a verified profile can blog, message, and have engagements at zero cost.

Members Structure And Activities

Approximately, the worldwide users of Transgenderdate are at a figure of 110,000 from which 80,000 members are from the United States. With over 90% verified users, 7 million monthly page views, and 100,000 monthly visitors from USA, Iran, Netherlands, Canada, and the United Kingdom, Transgenderdate is the top, safest and secure dating site for the trans community.

Members Structure And Activities

Users Age

Transgenderdate reviews show that most of its users range from 16-23 years. It creates a conducive environment for platonic and romantic conversations. Features like “friends only” and “private” serve as firewalls for nudity and explicit chats. This helps Transgenderdate to segregate its teen and adult communities. All you need to enjoy its features without limitations is to sign up, verify your account, and upload as many photos as you desire.

Sexual Preferences

This ultimately depends on users. Transgenderdate provides a haven for people with LGBTQ sexual orientation. However, it does not neglect those with heterosexual orientations. So, are you gay, lesbian, trans woman, trans man, straight, or even bi-sexual? You are more than qualified to use Transgenderdate. Filling this out in your profile makes it easier for you to find matches with a sexual orientation that you prefer and for other users to find you.

Race And Ethnicity

Transgenderdate users are not barred by race or ethnicity. A statistical representation, however, places in ascending order; other races – mixed races – African-American – Asian – Latina – White. There is no segregation of race or ethnicity in the Transgender website. Users have the freedom and liberty to express their sexual orientations freely.

Religious Orientation

Whatever religious community you associate with does not limit your Transgenderdate experience. You are sure to find what you’re searching for without judgment.

Users get to be free without payment restrictions, religious restrictions, gender restrictions, or race restrictions. A detailed profile, as well as other communication options, help users send out a descriptive message of things they associate with, religion inclusive.

Transgenderdate Dating Website Features

To unlock all the possibilities of the Transgenderdate dating website, you must first have a verified account and an uploaded profile picture. After this, all that comes after is matchmaking and searching for members. The Transgenderdate website has made it easier by creating features ranging from chat rooms and message boards to blogs and private chatting.

Chat rooms are modernized in Transgenderdate, and it provides a platform for users to engage in general and topic-based discussions. The discussions may vary from sexual topics to expositions about the trans- community or even politics. Message boards are equally created for members to interact and actively comment on pressing or casual issues.

Transgenderdate also uses advertisements to link its users. Business proposals say a lot about different individuals. Users who are somewhat involved in business or have business ideas can advertise on this platform. Ads can be displayed for a meager fee on forums, blogs, profiles, or even mailboxes.

This leads us to the Forum feature that Transgenderdate offers. Just like chat rooms, users can join and post in as many forums free. An added factor is mailboxes that operate like regular mails. Members can send mails to friends with attached images and documents.

These features are entirely free and do not require any paid premium plans or subscriptions. All users of Transgenderdate are entitled to these plans, and it makes chatting and mingling fun and exciting. On the contrary, you can stick to basic instant messaging and private chats.

Transgenderdate Dating Website Features

Safety And Security

Regardless of the genre of online sites, the most important question is safety and security. People have second thoughts and sometimes develop cold feet when it relates to online dating sites. With Transgenderdate, that fear is eliminated. The wave of scammers and fake users is extremely minimal because the Transgenderdate website provides a platform for a detailed description and verified profiles.

Moderators seldom visit the site, and over 90% of its users are active and lively. The chat options and search features available coupled with the verification process are combinations that make it almost impossible for fake users to lie undetected.

Transgenderdate reviews do not contain complaints from members about fake users or scammers soliciting for money; instead, they hover around unresponsiveness of the customer care unit. Regardless, the security measures and overview of its members and rising daily figures are even the more reason why Transgenderdate is the leading dating site for the LGBTQ society.

Is Transgenderdate Legit Or Scam Service?

How do I know I’m not getting scammed? Is Transgenderdate a legit dating app? How do I find an online app to express myself without risk or fear of harm? All these questions have one answer; Transgenderdate is a legit dating app.

It is an online platform that uses over 22 technologies for its website, verifies profiles as a firewall for users’ security, and offers free services to ensure users are actively involved in all available platforms.

These characteristics cross out the idea of being idle and make it easier for members to find platonic, romantic, or erotic relationships. You don’t have to entertain any fear while using Transgenderdate except the right amount when it comes to meeting new acquaintances and dealing with strangers. Besides, it never hurts to be careful with sensitive information.

Is Transgenderdate Legit Or Scam Service

Subscription Types And Price

To reiterate, Transgenderdate is entirely free, and all its features are available to members without payment. There are available VIP upgrades, but the accessibility of these features do not require subscriptions. The only criterion is verifying your account by uploading a selfie to the site’s server.

It is no casual selfie but one with the user holding up a note with written unique code, and it takes 24 hours or less to complete this verification. The only available payment feature is for users who want to place ads on their blogs, forums, chatroom, and profiles to enhance their business plans or proposals. Yet, this is still at a very meager price.

Free Membership

Users of the Transgenderdate website are free members. There are no available subscription plans, so accessing the site’s features is for users with verified profiles. These free membership features include:

  • Chatting and engaging in blogs, forums, chat rooms, and message boards.
  • Email attachments.
  • Private chatting and instant messaging.
  • Profile description and photos.
  • Blog comments and match request authentication.
  • Access to users who like your profiles.
  • Knowing read emails.

In Transgenderdate, all services are free. Special features are unlocked for users with verified accounts. So, what are you waiting for? Join the website and gain deeper insights into the Rainbow community at absolutely no cost.

Website Design And Usability

Transgenderdate is designed in a way that even the blind would not miss it. It has been regarded as old-fashioned, plain, boring, and simple. There is no extraordinary feature of the design, but that doesn’t come as a surprise for an entirely free website.

Notwithstanding, Transgenderdate uses the landmark colors of the trans community; baby pink and powder blue. It also has a welcoming youthful and vibrant vibe to its logo. It reflects the goal of the site; a cool and relaxed atmosphere to be you. Talk about simple and straightforward.

The usability of Transgenderdate is as straightforward as its design. Registration is easy, and all the services are unlocked following profile verification. Transgenderdate website only posits subtle challenges to Android and IOS users because of the unavailability of a mobile app.

Website Design And Usability

Mobile Application

A large percentage of dating platforms make mobile apps readily accessible for Android and IOS users. Unfortunately, Transgenderdate is not one of such dating sites, and this doubles as a disadvantage. The Transgenderdate website is only available for streaming on smartphones as opposed to a convenient app.

As much as this is not an added advantage, it is weighty to bear in mind that smartphone users are not restricted in using the site. All features available on the website, including forums, chatrooms, blogs, message boards, instant messaging, profile viewing, a profile description, and advertisements, remain accessible.

Contact Information

Users must find a way to contact with customer care as no website can completely eradicate unforeseen issues or please all its members. Transgenderdate has provided this information putting into consideration the possibility of reach or complaints about vulgar or shady users.

  • Company: Profit type.
  • Moderator: moderator@transgenderdate.com
  • E-mail: info@transgenderdate.com


If you’re someone who has struggled with acceptance or searched far and wide to find someone who loves you for you, then you need to sign up for Transgenderdate. You don’t have to be skeptical about getting your money worth or meeting fake users. Transgenderdate website has you entirely covered.

You could decide to learn more about the trans community, find a trans partner, find a trans friend, find a straight partner, find true love, find hookups, find real friends all without judgmental restrictions. With Transgenderdate, the possibility is endless.

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