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Seeking arrangement Review 2022

Seeking arrangement Review 2022
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Active Audience 61%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 28-33
Profiles 456 390
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 10
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free for the sugar babies referring to any favorable ratio they are interested in.
  • Specialized features for sugar babies, joining is free unless and until they don't upgrade their standard membership.
  • Free trials are also available for sugar daddies and sugar mummies during the initial stage of seeking someone. No payment is required until they don't sign up for a membership.
  • Media exposure is free from many social platforms and Media publications. On many popular tv shows Seeking Arrangement website is gaining popularity for a decade. This brings profits to them as people search for such websites and want to be a part. Therefore, the number of members joining is increasing day by day.
  • Automated Re-billing is supported on this website, but the responsibility is given to the user. From the settings, the user can choose whether to go for automated re-billing or not. Seeking Arrangement turns it off unless you do not go for further payments. Mishaps can be avoided with the billing process, and you will not be charged again.
  • Net worth verification of wealthy sugar daddies and sugar mommies is certified. This feature allows the sugar babies to trust the website before connecting and meeting their sugar daddies or sugar mommies. The 'Diamond Club' clarification is needed in it. The website verifies their net worth and income level. The website marks the profiles of those particular members with an icon. The icon acts as an indication of their financial background, which can be trusted.
  • Quite Expensive for an average person. If you want to access all the website features, then it turns out to be too pricey. Free membership is sufficient until a period, but you need to fill up one of the membership plans and upgrade it for extended accessibility.
  • Layouts are a bit confusing as compared to other on-going websites. The designs of the plans are sometimes confusing. Therefore, it is difficult to set up a profile as it is also related to some other issues. Layouts should be composed well so that it makes it easy for the users to operate. The designs are short and simple, but the print of the layouts are a bit complicated.
  • The screening system is not reliable because signing up for any profile isn't foolproof, and it might get hacked by con artists to rob the website's financial trust. The user can also miss fake profiles that are controlled by fakers and scammers. This can invite anyone to take advantage. It is about being cautious enough regarding sugar dating as hacking and fraud are common these days. Therefore, its screening system can create a blunder.

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Want to be a part of the following trend of ‘sugar babies’? Try your luck on Seeking Arrangement. It is a popular dating site specially designed for sugar daddies, sugar mommies, and sugar babies searching for each other’s company. It does not provide any escort service. It is all over mutual understanding. Thus, this site claims ideal matches for users according to their sexual preferences who are operating the website. Let us check out some Seeking Arrangement reviews.

Seeking arrangement Review

How does it work?

The working of the website is well defined. It is short and simple. The interface which is provided completes all its features of working in the best way possible. Substituting different arrangements makes it work more efficiently—the website’s compatibility increases that support the system for a more extended period.

An arrangement means where people connect directly to each other without wasting any more time. So this website acts as a platform for those who are there with the same motive. Whichever kind of relationship they want to build, Seeking Arrangement provides support to them. The members’ profiles create the scenario of their expectations clearly without any obstacle—relationship with clear terms and conditions.

How does it work?

Sign-Up & Login Process

Join for free and then get a standard membership if you want to access all features. Add your photo, define your terms and conditions, and a brief description of your expectations are needed. Within five days, you can find your Arrangement. The process is obvious and comprehensive. It strikes directly to the desired preference you want. Therefore, it makes it easy to connect with millions of your preferences. It is the best way to incorporate your wealth into what you want from the web.

Profile Interface

The profile interface consists of a photo, the user’s terms, and a description of its expectations. It strikes directly to the point without wasting any time. The website is only available on iOS. Seeking App is also available on the play store. The profile layout is difficult to understand, but it comprises all well-processed features on its interface. Users can browse millions of profiles. Members get the best experience possible on the website, as well as on the App. Seeking a profile gives you a new feeling that is full of energy and enthusiasm. It involves all ‘seeking’ features in it. Easily you can swipe to your best sugar. It is rebuilt with trending searches and characteristics. It was brought up by all-new looks, which helped the members to find perfect arrangements faster and easier. Now the potential Arrangement’s profile becomes much more prominent, with upgraded layouts. The simple menu has also made navigation easy. Therefore, it helps you to find your desired sugar much more easily. This profile interface completes its projection with ample components. Those inappropriate content on the profiles is being sorted out for higher and better results in the future.

Profile interface


The website effectively permits matches and Communication skills; it provides a never-ending list of millions of users to connect. You can pass gallant messages to any profile chosen by you. If both the partners are compatible with their preferences, then it is a match. And a slight change in your preference is also accepted if you reject it later. The numbers of visible members are set based on your choices, like location, gender, and more. Try starting your new conversations daily so that you build a desirable bond. Anyone always acknowledges compliments. Connecting to someone of your own choice and terms is the basic goal of the website. Seeking Arrangement provides a variety of people just in one search of your preference.

Members structure and activities

Seeking Arrangement has been featured and reviewed by popular newspapers like CNN and the New York Times. The Seeking Arrangement reviews detail its usage. Free for sugar babies and diamond membership for generous sugar daddies and mommies. Millions of people join from different corners of the world. Seeking Arrangement is on-demand these days. The desirable structure of members is a glance at the perfect strategies that they apply. The activities are direct enough on this site as it comprises relationships on your grounds.

Users Age

Users’ age should be above 30. Though all ages are preferred starting from28. Wealthy and experienced members are at great deals on this website.

Members structure and activities

Sexual Preferences

It is a fact that this site helps you in fulfilling your sexual fantasies. It makes it easier for members to find suitable spouses. The sexual preferences on the site are of all types: males, females, or both. But another important thing is that you not only fulfill your sexual desires but also make a lot of friends.

Race and Ethnicity

No descriptive preference regarding race and ethnicity is given. Users can go through any kind.

Religious Orientation

Like race and ethnicity, religious orientation is also not considered that much. It depends upon whatever the member likes.

Religious Orientation

Seeking arrangement dating website features

The search selection depends on the customer’s preference. The Match system consists of approval from both sides, and the many useful features can allow users to increase their bonds. People searching for the best dates should invest their time in Seeking Arrangement as it is free to join whenever you want to access millions of accounts together. This feature helps the user bring all the website’s definite activities together, like chatting, approaching, and meeting. Seeking Arrangement website initiates to provide a prescribed and complete description of your bond. All such features make the website unique and genuine.

Seeking arrangement dating website features

Safety & Security

Safety and security are assumed and assured at every level of the customer’s growing bond. Seeking Arrangement provides a secure system of networks. The first stage is chatting and sharing personal information that people are afraid of using a dating website. Seeking Arrangement can completely assure you about its secure network as it is too reliable for its customers. Security and no scamming is considered the best of Seeking Arrangement websites. It provides security to your privacy and personal information. Scamming is not appreciated as it provides people a variety of options for themselves. The legitimate authority of the website is maintained within its network.

Is Seeking Arrangement Legit or Scam Service?

The site is legitimate, and it boasts of 10 million active members all over the world. 80% of the total members are sugar babies, while 20% are sugar daddies/mommas. 90% of the site’s visitors are mainly based in the United States of America. This website is targeted to people wanting the not so mainstream traditional relationships but seeking out a sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship. They do offer a safe environment for people seeking this kind of things

Is seeking Arrangement legit or scam service?

Subscription types and price

There are different types of member one can log on to this site; it is either as a sugar daddy or called by the website a “successful member,” or a sugar baby has coined the term “attractive member.” There are, however, different kinds of membership tiers one can subscribe to paying a subscription fee. Seeking Arrangement verifies people opting for diamond membership, the identities, and net worth because the platform, in turn, actively promotes them and their status.

1 Month for a successful member premium membership is 89.95 USD, 3 Months is 79.95 USD, which comes up to 239.85 USD, and diamond membership for 1 Month 249.95 USD, all of it monthly. There is only a premium membership for sugar babies; 1 Month is 19.95 USD / Month and 3 Months and 14.95 USD / Month, which amounts to 44.85 USD. They may opt to register using their school email account (ends in .edu) for a free upgrade.

Free Membership

The free membership allows free registration to the website and a profile creation where people can check what the site is all about. They can opt for a 7-day free premium with all the premium perks to taste the full paid features of the website. Features for the free membership include potential match searches, and one can also flirt with matches that one is interested in. Chat services are also enabled.

Free membership

Paid membership, which people can sign up for, opens up a lot of cool features designed not only for the entertainment of the members but also for offering a safe dating experience.

The website’s perks include increased privacy options, which enables them to browse the site anonymously, and their status can be hidden or kept offline if they wish to. In addition to an ad-free experience, there will be advanced search filters for these members to optimize their criteria. They can even get a notification if the recipient reads their messages. One can also organize their inbox with filters. Seeking Arrangement introduces a premium feature called the Video Chat, where people in the Arrangement can interact with each other through video chat.

Website design and usability

Unpretentious and minimalistic is the way to describe their website. A percentage of the audience is older and not that tech-savvy. Thus, the website is more accessible to them. Seeking Arrangement uses the www.seeking.com URL, which may be confusing for others. The site features are also accessible with medium page loading time. The site and the App are available in seven languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese.

Website design and usability

Mobile application

The App is well designed and has considered that some in their 40’s, the ’50s may have difficulty reading and making out stuff. The App is, however, only available on the android version and not on the apple version. iOS removed the App from its app store, citing that the App promoted prostitution. Seeking Arrangement app uses the phone’s GPS to find location-based matches without revealing the user’s actual location. The layout and fonts used are simple, and the features provided are easily accessible from the bottom navigation bar.

Mobile application

Contact information

  • Address: 3250 Pepper Lane, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 89120
  • Phone: (214) 576-3272, Customer Care at 866-320-0106, 7:00am – 7:00pm CT, Monday – Saturday
  • Email: Support@SeekingArrangement.com


Seeking Arrangement website houses a new concept usually looked down upon by many people, but anyone can join the website if they wish to meet new people. The success rate is quite good, and the website does offer a whole range of features for a fun and safe experience. The clean and neat aesthetic also attracts a customer to their site, and their subscription fee is average compared to other websites.

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