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Russian Brides Review 2022

Russian Brides Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 84%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 2 300 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 6.6
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It has amazing security features
  • It has a clear website interface
  • Members are chatting responsive
  • You could register through your Google account
  • It has excessive, unnecessary ads
  • The mobile application is quite poor
  • Male members outnumber female users

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In the nation with the widest area of land, better known as Russia, it is no news that there is a wide array of beautiful women that far outnumber eligible and responsible bachelors. Hence it is little wonder why such beautiful women from Russia have taken it upon themselves to find suitors from foreign nations and ensure that they tick all the boxes of an eligible trophy wife.

Russian Brides Review: Is This Dating Website Legit Or Fake?

How does it work?

Russian Brides is not a private dating website or application, and as such, it is open to everyone on the World Wide Web. This online dating platform can be easily found on Google or just about any search engine on the internet. All you have to do is type the keywords on the search engine simply, and it will direct you to the Russian Brides homepage.

This online dating platform could be accessed thus and just ensure that you are willing and ready to mingle here. This site is very security conscious, so you can be assured about your safety on this website without worrying that you would be effortlessly hacked or played. You go to the website homepage and signing up on this platform is more comfortable than any other platform on the World Wide Web.

All you need to do to sign up is to have a working Google Play Account, which you will use for registration. On this platform, it is worthy of note that no e-mail verification process is needed whatsoever. Once you are now on the Russian Brides website, you have to pay up some money to ensure that you can use and enjoy the array of website features at your leisure.

You can even download its mobile application and use the Russian Brides service on the go. All the owners want is something simple. The fact that you can enjoy the way you like on this website. Ensure you get what you want.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Russian Brides being a cool public online dating website, you can just about find it on any search engine or via any friend share link with excellent ease. So simply type in the keyword or click on that link. You will be taken to the website following which you will fill in all the necessary fields as a potential user. You will fill in your name, proposed password, sex, age, location, and a few other things.

After you are done with this, you can hence proceed to read up the Russian Brides terms and conditions of service to ensure that you are not left in the lurch sometime later out of ignorance or what have you. Once you have gone through it, you check out the privacy and policy agreement on the safe side of the contract. Russian Brides does not need e-mail verification as it doesn’t have that as an option. Following which you can now view your user profile, which will contain your user data as imputed earlier on the website homepage. Now that you have signed up and are a full registered member of Russian Brides, you can log in and log out anytime you, please. Ensure that you do not share your login details with anyone whatsoever, as this is one of the few ways a member’s account can be easily hacked.

Sign-Up & Login Process

The Russian Brides User Profile Interface

Russian Brides was developed to give young Russian women looking for greener pastures to find such pastures afresh. It ensures that they get the best quality foreign suitors and gives them the benefit of the doubt in making unrushed and informed decisions with the aid of a customer’s service team.

Hence, it has a friendly and well-rounded user profile interface that is as attractive as it is useful in luring users to enjoy the array of opportunities. As a paid user, you can view other member’s profiles via their profile interfaces, and you can do so with such ease of access. Once you are on their pages, you can also check out their public posts with no fuss whatsoever.

Following which you can proceed to message them and building a relationship that could end up in marriage and happily ever after. Converse with ease, and maybe as a young Russian, you will find Prince Charming. Converse with ease, and maybe as an older man, you will find your Russian Bride.

How To Get Matched And Interact On Russian Brides?

Russian Brides does not play around with its core promise: to pair Russian Brides with searching bachelors. It ensures that the Russian women get an array of choices ranging from nationals from the United States of America to Africa or even the United Arab Emirates.

This is done to ensure that these users are given the perfect leg up to make their choices. Matching is accurate on Russian Brides as paid subscribers can be sure of getting frequent and accurate matches that will, in turn, leave them licking their lips at the sight of opportunities.

You will get frequent matches, and if you aren’t pleased with the ones you got, you could even refresh them and get some more. Once you have gotten matched and you are content with the output, you can now go ahead and chat them up with such excellent ease of access. It is that easy on Russian Brides.

How To Get Matched And Interact On Russian Brides?

The Members Structure and Activities On Russian Brides

Russian Brides caters to a worldwide clientele. Over the years, it has evolved from a mere figment of the owner’s imagination to a dating service that works and serves thousands of Russian Brides as well as wealthy suitors looking for an Eastern European damsel to settle down with. It has over 200,000 users worldwide from various nations that come from multiple continents worldwide.

Out of those 200,000 users, a staggering 130,000 are from the United States. It goes to show that the demand for Russian Brides is at an all-time high there. This online dating platform has an impressive 12,250 unique daily visitors that come to the site to check out openings and possibilities in case an array of Russian beauties is available then.

As such, it has 367,500 unique monthly visitors who log in to converse with fellow users with marriage as the end goal of the situation. Out of the 200,000 members that use this online dating platform, 25,000 Russian and Ukrainian women further show the gulf in the disparity of female users compared to their male counterparts.

  • Geographical Locations

Russian Brides is a global organization that services the world population and leaves them as potential beneficiaries of their top-notch service and a proven security apparatus. They ensure members get what they want, how they want it, and when they want it. It is worldwide and caters to users from North America, Europe, and Africa.

The end goal is to give Russian Brides what they desire and a route out of the rural dwellings of the well-populated nation. However, it is worth noting that while Russian Brides has a worldwide reach, most of its users are from the United States of America, as over 70% of its members come from world power. This site has a world reach, and it does not restrict users based on their present location at any point whatsoever.

Users Age

While Russian Brides has an operating policy of shopping young Russian Brides to older and wealthier clients from outside the nation legally, this site has a strict minor policy that potential users must adhere to prevent the risk of serious liability and possible jail time that. All users of Russian Brides must be at least 18 years old, as said in the terms and conditions agreement initially signed on the member joining the service.

While members must be at least eighteen, most female users ate below the age of thirty as the average age of female users of this site is twenty-five. While the majority of the make users of this website’s ages fall above the forty marks with the average age being forty-two. This online dating platform abhors catfish accounts and potential scammers hence the speed in which it deletes such guilty accounts.

Sexual Preferences

Russian Brides is an online dating platform that caters to both male and female users, as that is the only way that transactions can occur. It is an exclusively heterosexual promoting online dating platform because most Russian Brides are not really into marrying women as they would prefer male counterparts to make dotting husbands for them.

This online dating platform ensures that Russian Brides get what they desire with minimum fuss, and this involves making the website an exclusively heterosexual one. Members are encouraged to pay up a subscription fee at the earliest possible time so that matching can be done in earnest.

Race and Ethnicity

Russian Brides is diverse, consistent, considerate, and very legitimate. It prides itself as one of the true global dating brands that invested the most amount of money on security measures alone last year. A brand that brags about such won’t rest on its laurels but will back it up and be open to all races and ethnicities.

Russian Brides is open to all races as it caters to the needs of Blacks, Whites, Asians, Hispanics, Latinos, and what have you. It ensures that all online dating platforms are not left wanting or left eager to join a competing online dating platform. However, it is mostly for Russian brides and allows them to get any race they desire or need. As such, paying members are free to explore and check out what they desire on this site.

Religious Views

Russian Brides is a worldwide online dating platform that ensures that it has a wide reach and maintains its core following that is the Brides of the great nation Russia.

Due to demand and the fact that love could come from anywhere, this online dating platform offers its vast array of services to all religions and cultural affiliations. This ensures that members are not left out of the fun due to their mode of worship. Religion isn’t relevant here as all Russian brides want to find a foreign spouse; they don’t care if it is a Muslim or Christian.

Religious Views

Russian Brides Website Features

Russian Brides is an awesome online dating platform, and it has two critical special features: the following.

  • Live Chat feature
  • Russian Brides has an impressive live chat feature whereby the potential Russian Bride can engage her suitor in a one-on-one conversation. It can essentially know where the relationship will take her or if it is just any other online internet scam that leaves one party sad and depressed after the whole thing unfolds.
  • Presents feature
  • This is more advanced than the live chat feature as here you can send presents to the Russian Brides via your private chats using the credits you purchase. You could receive credits too on this site with minimum fuss. This builds up trust between members and might go a long way in cementing the relationship.
  • Match System
  • This is very useful as a user does not have to go through the extremely stressful motion of going through the long search process. All a member needs to do is simply check out his timeline, and he will see an array if Russian Brides fit his earlier stated preferences. This is quite accurate as it uses your stated preferences on registration. It is open to member suggestions too.
  • How To Search
  • Searching on Russian Brides is not a chore at all. This bearing in mind that without the chance to search how possible is it for a user to find the Russian Bride of his choice because sometimes the matching feature could give unsuitable results hence to search you simply scroll to the search toggle and click on it. Ensure that you tune the filters and tap click. You can now chat up the search results.

Safety & Security Policy On Russian Brides

Russian Brides has never downplayed the fact that it takes website security very seriously. Anything Russia is quite synonymous with security is of little wonder that the owners of Russian Brides have this as one of their strongest suits. Russian Brides is reputed to have spent over one million dollars on security last year alone. It also has strong firewalls that protect its users from people of the underworld. There are still a bunch of catfish accounts, however, and that can be worked on. This is still very laudable on the part of the site.

Is Russian Brides Legit or Is It Scam Service?

As an online dating platform, Russian Brides is very legit. It has been around for some time. It caters to users’ needs that pay serious money for both securities and ease of access. Russian women have long sought a medium like this, and this website has given them such an amazing way forward. It ensures that members are well catered for, being armed with awesome security.

Is Russian Brides Legit or Is It Scam Service?

Price Ranges On Russian Brides

Members of Russian Brides could be either paying members or free users. The pricing for paying members is:

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs Total

Premium Membership

  • 20 Credits 0.15 USD / Credit 2.99 USD
  • 1 Month 15.99 USD / Month 15.99 USD

Free Membership Option On Russian Brides

Russian Brides does not force paid membership on any of its members, and if a subscription package expires, it does not auto-renew such a subscription plan without the consent of a user, hence the fact that it has a free membership option. As a free member, you can search, find suitable matches, and check out user profiles. You cannot chat; however, as you must pay up before you can do that.

Online dating platform L’s are not charity homes. Most of the time, the online dating platforms need the users to pay some sort of subscription fee to stay afloat and keep rendering such amazing features to the general public as such Russian Brides has a paid membership option open to everyone. As a paid subscriber you can search, you can find matches, and you can chat up fellow users. Also, you can enjoy just about any feature of your choice.

Russian Brides: Design and Usability

Russian Bride is an innovator and an online dating platform that stops at no lengths to give users the best service online. It might not be the largest or most assessable of online dating platforms, but it tries its best to make users of its close-knit family as comfortable as possible. The website is well designed and is easy to use. The homepage is attractive to members, and you can see widgets and toggles that would make your stay an awesome one.

Russian Brides: Design and Usability

The Russian Brides Mobile App

Since the advent of mobile phones that could surf the internet with ease and the opening of online play stores, it has become almost a custom for big online platforms and organizations to have their mobile phone companion applications on the World Wide Web. Hence it is little wonder that Russian Brides has its very own mobile phone companion application. However, it isn’t quite developed, but it is available on both iOS and Google Play stores for members on the go.

Contact Information

Company: Bride.ru Company

Address: Moscow, Russia


Russian Brides, as a website, is different from most online dating platforms on the internet. This online dating platform has a specific female target audience, and it goes through serious lengths to ensure that its target audience is kept happy and satisfied. It helps users worldwide and gives Russian Brides a way out of relative obscurity. It is very secure as it is reputed to have spent over a million dollars on security in just over a year. This website is legit, genuine, and innovative.

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