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Passion.com Review

Passion.com Review
About Site
Active Audience 87%
Quality Matches 85%
Popular Age 20-49
Profiles 985 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 9.3
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The members of the website are widespread throughout the globe. There are around 90,000,000 registered members on this platform
  • The website offers many different options of engagement to its members. Some of the engagement options are one-night stands, open relationships, as well as friends with benefits
  • The customer care and support of this website is excellent
  • The website offers features, and some features are even offered without a price. These features are messenger and chats rooms that are immensely used
  • The website has an experience of over 20 years that makes it a classic in the dating game
  • There are lots of filters offered by the website such as age, sexual orientation, and location, which makes it easy to find desired profiles
  • For women, the Passion.com website is a goldmine as a higher number of males are the active participants here. It offers a great time to the women in meeting many different men.
  • The ratio of men is higher compared to the women on this website. They may have to face a little trouble to find women of their choice to hook up.
  • There are several fake accounts on this website.
  • There are no applications of this website for the mobile, even though most people prefer to hookup on the move.

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Passion.com is a platform for hook up and adult dating. The users of this website are more interested in online flirting. They are more into the one-time meeting and casual dates. They look for no-strings-attached relationships on this platform. The platform is not available in the mobile application, so the members have to log in using the browser. The website is simple, effective, and hassle-free. In this article, you will come across the intricate review of passion.com with a brief explanation about its pros, cons, features, prices, security, and much more information.

How does it work?

How does it work?

The Passion.com website asks the user their credentials to sign in. They are asked to submit their sexual preferences, and these preferences can be changed at any time. It offers endless filters to search for people of the user’s choice. There are multiple options to search and filter on this website. All the users’ needs are covered, the users can search based on their sexual preferences as well as who’s online, hot, and many more. It helps the system to know who the users are really into. Once the users find the person of their choice, they can drop a text to let them know that they are interested in them.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Sign-Up & Login Process

The Passion.com website has a simple and straightforward process of sign-up. There is no need to spend extra time to invest in understanding the website. The individuals can directly start with the sign-up process. The website asks the personal details of the users. The users are requested to enter their age and sexual orientation. The users are then asked to enter their location. It helps the website to determine the locals around the users. They are asked to enter their email account, and a link is sent to the email to verify it. When the users click on the link in the email, they are taken to the next step. The next step is the questions about the users. It includes the race of the users, their marital status, and body type. The users of Passion.com are asked to enter a short bio about themselves. They can either write an extremely short and simple bio or write their bio in detail. The users can choose to write their bio the way they want. These were the steps involved in the sign-up process of the website. Generally, it takes around 5 to 10 minutes to successfully sign-up on this website.

Profile interface of Passion.com

Profile Interface of Passion.com

The profile interface of Passion.com has all the essentials in the right place. The users are asked to enter essential information such as email, name, and location. The additional information, such as religious beliefs and ethnicity and origin, is optional. The profile interface is simple and straightforward, which makes it user-friendly. The users have to pass the photo verification test on the website. Since the website has been active for a long time, there are real profiles. There is no high standard of security maintained on this platform due to which there are occasional fake accounts. The moderators of the website are quite responsive, which makes it easy to use.

Matches/Communication Process

Matches/Communication Process

The users on the Passion.com website can use many features offered to communicate with other members. They can use the partner search feature that allows them to find a suitable partner on this website. It offers users the opportunity to change their preferences whenever they want and find a partner accordingly. After finding a suitable partner, the users will have to send a text to the other member. The emails, calls, and video chat allow the members to communicate with each other.

Members structure and activities To Look Upto

According to the Passion.com reviews, there are around 67 million members on this platform from the United States. At any time of the day, there are around 1,00,000 members online on the site. It has a loyal fanbase of members who keeps coming to the website again and again.

Users age Requirement To Be A Member Here

Users Age Requirement To Be A Member Here

From the Passion.com review, the modern age of the women on this website is 25 to 35 years old. The reply rate is around 68 percent, and the beauty is around 42 percent.

Sexual Preference Options Given To Members Here

The Passion.com website is very liberal and accepts people with different sexual preferences. The users can be straight, gay, bisexual, or lesbian to become members of this website and interact with other members. There is no restriction on the sexual preferences of the users on this website.

No Restriction On Race And Ethnicity

No Restriction On Race And Ethnicity

The users on this website can enter their race and ethnicity. There is no restriction on people of any race and ethnicity.

Religious Orientation Policy

The users on this website can enter their religious beliefs. The website collects the religious beliefs of the users. There is no restriction on people with any religious orientation.

Features of Passion.com dating website

The Passion.com website offers many features such as votes and points, virtual gifts, kink search, adult movies on demand, and member blogs. The users can manage all the tasks easily using these features. The feature of votes and points allows the users to climb up the ratting ladder on the website. The users can vote for who they think is hot and can even participate in some activities that award them extra points. The feature of virtual gifts allows the users to purchase them with the points that they earn. The kink search feature allows the users to browse the website based on their sexual preferences. They will get content related to their sexual preference using this feature. The option of Adult Movies on Demand allows the users to stream up to 2000 full-length adult films anywhere and anytime.

The feature of member blogs of Passion.com allows the users to read the blogs of the other members. This website is more than just a hookup site. It is a shared community where people can get to know more about each other. The partner search feature of the website allows the users to explore their sexualities. Consider a straight woman; she signed up on this website, claiming she is a straight woman and is interested in straight men. If she wants to venture into different sexualities, she can use it and change her choice and explore it. The website offers customer support, which is top-notch. They are available 24/7, and the users can contact them via the help option on the top-bar of the website. In addition to this, customer support can be contacted via text or email.

Safety & Security Given To Members Profiles

Safety & Security Given To Members Profiles

The Passion.com website collects information about the users, such as their name, email address, billing information, and sensitive information. This sensitive information includes racial or ethnic origins, sexuality, or political or religious beliefs. The other information, such as the user’s activities or postings on this website, is collected. Religious affiliations and ethnic origin are shared with other members of this website. This information is collected to email the news and updates, improve and customize the content, analyze the website, and provide users with information about its products and services. The website offers great customer support and has SSL encryption, which makes it safe and secure.

Is Passion.Com Legit Or Scam Service?

Is Passion.Com Legit Or Scam Service?

The website has real accounts and loyal members since it is a secure website from the Passion.com reviews. It offers legit services to its members. The website does not maintain the high-security standards, so there are a couple of fake profiles. The members of this website are recommended to be cautious when they encounter fake profiles.

Subscription Types And Price

The Passion.com website offers both free and paid membership to its users. Each membership provides different services.

Free Membership Features

The free membership of the website offers the users a standard form of search functionality. With free membership, the users can participate in the chat rooms and send messages on live chat. They can view the live webcam shows one at a time. On their customized hotlist, they can select and engage with up to 200 people. They can read the blogs written by the other members and can also join groups on the website.

Paid membership Features

The Passion.com website’s paid membership allows the users to participate in an unlimited number of live webcams on the website. The users can select and engage with up to 1000 people on their hotlist. They can engage with potential dates in a better way. For better engagement, the paid users can send friend requests and flirts. The free members are only shown the fundamental view, being a paid member, the user will get to view the individuals’ complete profiles.

Passion.com offers gold membership to its users. The cost of one-month membership is 27.95 USD. The three months membership costs 59.85 USD, where each month costs 19.95. The six months membership costs 179.40 USD, where each month costs 14.95. Other than the feature of gold membership, the users can access the singular features of the website. It is advised to opt for a gold membership plan instead of accessing the website’s singular features. It is comparatively cheaper to purchase a gold membership plan and get all the benefits instead of individually purchasing them. The users can save their money by opting for a gold membership plan than just paying separately to access the feature.

Website Design And Usability

Website Design And Usability

The website design is simple and straightforward. At the time of registration, the users have to enter their name, email, and location. The features are well laid out on the website. The website is hassle-free and easy to understand. It is user-friendly, offering many features. The mobile version of Passion.com is available. Compared to the desktop version, the mobile version is chaotic. The desktop version is very well organized, and the users can see the different components arranged perfectly in place.

Know About The Mobile application

Know About The Mobile application

There is no mobile application of this platform yet. The users can log in on the website using the browser of their mobile phone.

Contact information

Various Inc, a company registered in California, Unites States, operates this website. The users can contact the Customer Service Department and submit suggestions for improvement using the website. The user will have to enter their email and username, select a subject, type the comments, and click on the send button.


In the Passion.com review, it can be said that the people looking for quick casual sex; for them, a website is a go-to place. It is for those who aren’t looking for serious things and can invest in one-night stands and flings. People can satisfy all their cravings and have a great time on this website. In the fast-paced environment of today’s world, only some can invest time in a full-fledged relationship; others can use this website to search for a steamy night of passion. The users can have a great time without the added strings attached to it.

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