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OkCupid Review 2022

OkCupid Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 66%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 30-40
Profiles 2 100 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 9.8
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The website is one of the leading matchmaking places. Within three years of service, it emerged one of the top ten matchmaking companies.
  • Free services: Users can register, look for partners, and write and receive texts without upgrading their accounts.
  • Premium options: The OkCupid site features two memberships. Both of them come with several useful features.
  • Variety of users: There are more than twenty sexual orientations of the website. The platform also has twelve sex identities.
  • Poor customer support: Often, users do not get assisted when they contact the OkCupid customer care representatives.
  • Unserious members: Since the platform is open to any person, it is possible to encounter users who are not serious about finding sexual partners. Such individuals will waste your time on the website.
  • Most relationships are casual: The OkCupid website got created for individuals looking for serious relationships. Unfortunately, most people on this platform are interested in temporary partners. So, if you want someone you can live forever with, you will have to try other distinguished online matchmaking platforms.

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The OkCupid matchmaking service came into existence around sixteen years ago. Within a minimum of thirty-six months, it emerged as one of the leading singles’ platforms. Throughout its existence, the population of the platform has been moving up consistently. So, no matter how one is, he/she can find someone who will fit his/her requirements.

You are likely to encounter a high number of online users on the OkCupid website. They all keep on swiping right and left, with the hope of meeting suitable partners. The platform offers incredible communication features to help users interact with their matches quickly.

The OkCupid website gets updated every time. Both the desktop service and the mobile application geta updated often. The unique thing that the company modified is its messaging process. Any person can write a text, but only when two people like each other, the recipient will be able to read it. Continue reading this OkCupid review and learn several other things.

OkCupid review

How Does It Work?

The OkCupid matchmaking service is not complicated. Like all other similar sites, users begin by opening an account. The following step is to create a profile. After that, you will start searching for people.

When you come across an individual you like at the OkCupid site, you should write to him/her a text message. Members should also upgrade their accounts if you’re going to get access to additional functions.

OkCupid How Does It Work

Sign-Up & Login Process

The OkCupid website registration is straightforward and fast. Within ten minutes, you will have created your account. The site allows importing pictures from social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Upon registration, the website provides match recommendations instantly.

To open an account at the OkCupid website, you should provide essential details about you. The data encompasses a name, where you live, email address, and year of birth. Members may avoid providing those details manually by registering with their Facebook accounts. When registering with the social account, the dating site collects the required information from there.

The OkCupid registration activity also comprises a questionnaire. Here, users get asked about their interests, dislikes, lifestyles, personalities, sexual preferences, and affairs. All information collected from the questions helps the OkCupid matching system to recommend partners for its members.

The service test helps it determine if members are compatible. The percentage of how compatible you are with someone gets shown on the website’s roulette function.

Profile Interface

The accounts of the individuals at the OkCupid website are public. Users will never have to pay to see them. The profile interface comprises sections like photos, matching questionnaire, and summary.

The pictures section is at the upper display site section. It gets followed by the summary part where individuals say something about who they are. The region may appear detailed or brief, depending on what a person wishes to know about him/her.

At the matching questions section of the profile, users answer the questions they choose. It covers things such as religion, interests, relationships, and so on.


The OkCupid website highlights featured members. There is also a searching tool, which the users use to find compatible partners. You can filter your search to show active members only. The last search gets saved, making it easier to access it the next time you enter the website.

The OkCupid matching service uses the responses people provide on the questionnaire to recommend partners. After finding a partner, the service has a way of contacting him/her. You may write a text to any individual you admire, but the individual can only see it if he/she likes you back. The OkCupid dating platform does that to lower the frequency of contacting the people that are not into you.

OkCupid Sign-Up & Login Process

Members Structure and Activities

OkCupid online dating platform has more than fifty million users from various places around the globe. Members from the United States alone are ten million. Each day, there is an average of one million logins. The number of men is higher than that of women. Most of the users are between twenty-five and thirty-four years.

Users Age

The OkCupid dating platform accepts people who are above eighteen years old. Most of the people there are between twenty-five and thirty-four years.

Sexual Preferences

The site users are interested in many relationship types. There are over twenty sexual orientations. Gays, bisexuals, and straight users are all included.

Race and Ethnicity

The OkCupid website features all kinds of races. The site is global. Most of its members are from the United States, and the rest are from various nations around the world.

Religious Orientation

Muslims, Hindus, Christians, and any other religion get featured on the site. The company does not discriminate against members based on their religion.

OkCupid Members Structure and Activities

OkCupid Dating Website Features

The service offers various features that give users a complete matchmaking encounter. The functions also enable users to find suitable partners quickly. They include:

  1. Matching: Through the questionnaire responses, the site can suggest suitable matches. You can also swipe right if you like a person. If that person likes you back, you will become a match.
  2. Searching: Users can search for partners on the OkCupid site using various filters. For instance, you can search based on active members.
  3. Double Take: This is a roulette matching function. People swipe right if they like someone. If you do not want a person, you should swipe left.
  4. Seeing people you want: The OkCupid users can monitor the people they like on the likes section. You can send takes to these individuals, and the double-take feature will show them that you want them.
  5. Seeing people who like you: At the likes section again, you can see the members that want you. You need to have a premium account to access this feature.
  6. Boost: This is an add-on function. Profiles on the OkCupid website get highlighted. If your profile gets a boost, it will appear to other users frequently.
  7. Blog: This is the section that contains guidelines for using the dating service. You will also find articles covering dating advice.
  8. Stacks: Since the OkCupid website is significant, it is possible to get overwhelmed by the matches. Using the stacks feature, users can group people. The available categories include active, nearby, suggested, and those who replied most of the site questions.
OkCupid Dating Website Features

Safety & Security

The OkCupid website is safe, but users’ safety depends on how diligently they take precautions. You have to be careful when interacting with strangers on the platform. For instance, you should never reveal your private details to anyone. Also, ensure to block or report anyone that engages in malicious activities.

Is OkCupid Legit or Scam Service?

The dating company is legit. However, it is possible to find flows on the website. The company does what it can to eliminate fake users. For instance, members must connect to their social media accounts to prove that they are real. However, despite all that, it is still possible to find scammers. So, users must be careful when using the OkCupid website. Adhere to all the specified precautions to remain safe.

OkCupid Safety & Security

Subscription Types and Price

The site has two premium membership options. The payment options include Credit Cards, phone, and PayPal.

Free Membership

Below are the free OkCupid services:

  1. Signing up: Registering at the site is free. Anyone above eighteen years can join.
  2. Communication: You do not need to have a premium account to send messages to other people.
  3. Searching: Users at the OkCupid website can search for compatible matches with a free account.
  4. Likes: You can see the people that like you.
  5. Browsing: Members can browse other people’s accounts with free membership.
  6. Double take: You can swipe left or right. The feature is for liking and disliking members. If a person you like also likes you back, a match gets created.

The website offers two paid options. The first one is the A list basic, where users get extra features for a more productive encounter. The second one is the A list premium, which adds more functions for successful online dating.

The OkCupid website also has a boost subscription, which highlights users’ profiles.

The first membership charges:

  • One month: 7.95 dollars.
  • Three months: 6.35 dollars per month. The overall amount is 19.05 dollars.
  • Six months: 3.95 dollars each month. The total becomes 23.70 dollars.

The A list OkCupid membership charges:

  • One month: 24.90 dollars.
  • Three months: 22.90 dollars per month. The overall amount is 68.70 dollars.
  • Six months: 19.90 dollars each month. The total becomes 119.40 dollars.

The boost OkCupid website cost:

  • You can get one credit, which costs 1.99 dollars.
  • Five credits: Each one costs 1.89 dollars. The total becomes 9.45 dollars.
  • Ten credits: Each one of them costs1.69 dollars. The overall cost is 16.90 dollars.

The OkCupid paid features:

  1. Likes: Users can see the people that like them.
  2. Read receipts: You can know when someone has read your text.
  3. Zero ads: The premium users at the OkCupid website enjoy an ads-free service. With that, you can use the site without distractions.
  4. Searching: Paying members have access to the advanced searching option. The feature lets you narrow down your search, making it easier to get a suitable partner quickly.
  5. Boost: Boosting makes your profile appear more to other members.
  6. Getting responses: Members can see the replies to public questions.
OkCupid Subscription Types and Price

Website Design and Usability

The OkCupid website features an incredible layout. It provides the roulette-king matching function. It is not complicated to users, no matter whether you are new to online services. Users will know the people that send them texts. Every dating function is well-placed, and you may see the entire profile of another individual. The platform also keeps updating users about new partners and unread texts.

OkCupid Website Design and Usability

Mobile Application

The OkCupid service is available on mobile devices. Everything you access in the desktop site is available on mobile devices. The application renders it easy to date from any place. Compared to the desktop version, the mobile gives a better user encounter. Every application function can get accessed at the lower section of the display.

OkCupid Mobile Application

Contact information

Company: OkCupid

Address: Dallas, Texas 75225, USA

Phone: (800) 952-5210

Email: support@OkCupid.com

OkCupid Contact information


The OkCupid website gets updated frequently to improve its services. It is currently one of the leading online dating platforms with millions of members from various places worldwide. Many of the people on the platform are genuine. Users will not even worry about safety if they adhere to all specified precautions. The messaging service is free, making it a suitable platform for individuals who don’t wish to spend money. If you are interested in hookups, long-term affairs, or even short-term ones, the OkCupid online service is the best.

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