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MyLOL Review 2022

MyLOL Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 93%
Quality Matches 98%
Popular Age 18-35
Profiles 1 690 920
Reply Rate 93%
Ease of Use 9.9
Popularity 9.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Important features are free
  • A significant amount of interaction means
  • Awesome design
  • Cheap platform
  • Superb mobile app
  • A lot of unique features
  • Age conflict. 13 and 19 years old teens are different age groups having other interests and goals
  • Profiles are not verified
  • Troubling amount of suspicious members and fake profiles
  • Members post age-inappropriate topics
  • Lack of proper moderation

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With various online dating or social networking sites out there, few would focus on providing dating services to adolescents; instead, most are focused on adults. Good to know that there is one that hears the clamor of these young people.

MyLOL is a social networking platform intended for teens from 13 to 19 years old only. The site advertises itself as a dating site, though there is not much dating-related functionality or theme inside. MyLOL also encourages teens to make friends then meet up eventually.

The site’s goal is to connect teens all over the world wherein they could chat, share photos, discuss interests, and find new friends. And there are a lot of other great features inside the app, which makes this a lot more engaging for teens.

Some services are free, and some features could only be accessed when subscribed as a premium member. Still, most functionalities could be accessed by free users; only specialized ones are exclusively made for paying members.

So, do you think MyLOL really a suitable place to find a friend or your one true love? Find out more details about this site below!

How does it work?

How does it work?

Currently, MyLOL is on the top as a teen dating site in Australia, Canada, the US, and the UK. There are almost 300,000 members all over the world. It is more than a teen site; rather, it is a fun and social network made for teenagers providing plenty of features, making your visit more than exciting.

Since MyLOL has an integrated chat, you could chat with several members or talk to someone privately. You can always access conversations directly on MyLOL. You can meet new friends and enjoy your teenage days.

You may find and communicate with teenagers from around the world. The site encourages its members to interact with one another. There are chats where users can talk about anything they find interesting or share photos and learn about one another.

Take note that MyLOL is considered the most popular chatting and communication site intended for adolescents, so you may enjoy a wide choice of members coming from around the world. The site offers many advantages and benefits compared to other dating or social networking platforms.

So, if you want to meet your peers and have an engaging and safe experience, at least try to use MyLOL.com.

Create a profile and begin meeting new people! From there, you’ll never know what will happen next!

Sign-Up & Login Process

First, there is a need to make an account on the MyLOL website or app. The process is very simple and quick. The registration is also free, so you don’t need money just to see what the site offers. In fact, the whole process of making the profile could only take about 30 seconds. Just enter your nickname, age, location, gender, and email.

After that, you may join dozens of members. You have to choose the profiles that you like. Its matchmaking system would consider the choice and use the data to provide you the similar profiles. Indeed, so easy!

Again, take note that only teenagers from 13 to 19 can create an account. You can register with the use of your Twitter or Facebook account or via email address.

Profile Interface

Profile interface

It is advised that you make a descriptive and detailed profile. MyLOL renders superb functionality about making your profile both exciting and unique. You could add many more details about you and mention your hobbies and interests. You might as well add videos, photos, link to your channel on YouTube, quizzes, and you can even choose wallpaper to make your profile cute.

There is also the “About Me” tab where you can include an introductory essay. However, most users don’t bother doing so. Others also include social media usernames. Users having the most likes will then be a feature in the Popular Members section. Verifying the profile isn’t obligatory, and this leads to fake accounts.



Making contacts or communication on this site is free for all the users. You can use messaging for free, which is definitely useful for teens who might not have the money to use for the paid services.

Nevertheless, some users can close access to their profiles. If they do, you wouldn’t be able to send a message to them. But, these are just rare cases. All in all, communication options here are superb, and you can find many teens online at all times to chat with.

Also, members could utilize forums in creating threads and leaving comments in other people’s threads. Moreover, there is this “Shouts” section where users may type their status to be visible to all the other members.

To find a matching person to communicate or date, you may use the available filters, containing many fields that might be important for you. MyLOL is free for all; that is why you can narrow down the search and look for the right person for you.

Members structure and activities

Members structure and activities

Let’s see to various characteristics of the member base on the MyLOL site.

Users Age

The site boasts over 300,000 members – all are teenagers between 13 and 19 years old. Anytime, you may find many active members from various countries here. The top part of the site shows online members. The information updates often allowing you to see that there is a significant amount of creative and fun teens on this website.

Again, remember that the MyLOL platform is a social networking site intended for teens aged from 13 to 19. Anyone within the said age bracket is welcome to join the site and create a profile. In most cases, these teenagers are fond of looking for someone to chat and make friends with.

Sexual Preferences

However, other teens, especially those of higher age, seem to have more interest in dating or looking for a romantic relationship. Either of the two, MyLOL ensures that these teenagers are on the right platform that would make them happy about their social life and safe at the same time. The site does not have any restrictions on the sexual preferences of its users. Considering the age of members, this question is just off the table. However, the Terms and Conditions Agreement of the site states that any explicit content will be removed from the site. It’s not allowed to make sexual proposals to other members either.

Race And Ethnicity

MyLOL is considered as the next step in terms of online dating by teenager members. Most dating platforms these days only help adults make new friends and communicate with other people all over the world. However, with MyLOL, teenagers can already have a great chance to date with thousands of teens from different countries.

And since you could meet anyone from all over the world, it might be something interesting because you will get to know different races, cultures and more. Teens will not just chat or make friends, but they will also learn more about one another. Through this site, teenagers would be mindful of the diversity as young as they are. There are no restrictions regarding race or ethnicity on the site.

Religious Orientation

Since members are coming from all over the world, there seem to be differences in their religious orientation. The site welcomes representatives of all religious views and confessions.

MyLOL dating website features

Here are some of the special features you can enjoy on MyLOL:

  • Chat Room. You can join the main community chatroom of the site. Make sure that your photo is approved so that you could enter.
  • Votes. You can also vote whether a member deserves to be on the list of Popular Members. The one who gets the most positive votes would be featured on the site’s homepage.
  • Shout. Users could post messages here that would be visible to everyone who is online. Those members with approved photos are the ones allowed to post here.
  • Forum. In this feature, you could create and also join conversation threads. Also, the most famous threads will be highlighted for easy access.
  • Blog. You can also write blogs about topics under the sun so long as it doesn’t violate the site’s community standards. Sharing and commenting on the blog articles you like is also possible.
  • Suspicious Keyword Detection. The moderators will sift through the messages to see if users are engaging in any inappropriate or illegal activity. And this is also done in other parts of the website.
  • Photo Moderation. Moderators and administrators monitor every new photo uploaded to the site to ensure that none of them has any racism, nudity, or any offensive content.
  • Again, most features are free, and there are only some features that need subscribing to paid membership plans.

Safety & Security

With teenagers as their members, safety and security are of the deepest concerns for the team. MyLOL is dedicated to providing teens with a safe and secure environment reassuring that no one will experience horrible scams or fraudulent practices online.

The Safety Page can guarantee it on the site, and the other features are securing each member’s privacy. The site is also committed in terms of ensuring that your information is secure. They have physical, managerial, and electronic procedures that would secure the details collected online, therefore, preventing unauthorized access or disclosure.

Is MyLOL Legit or Scam Service?

Of course, MyLOL is a legit and genuine site that provides various services to teenagers almost all over the world. With their features that are intended for teenagers, and with numbers of members who registered on the site, it is safe to say that MyLOL is a legit site. With MyLOL, you are guaranteed to be safe and secured.

Subscription types and price

Subscription types and price

Though MyLOL is a free site, there are several paid features as well. There are a few options that require a premium membership. Still, you can either choose whether you want a free membership or a paid one.

Free Membership

Here’s what you can have as free services:

  • Create forum threads and read already existing ones
  • Use search
  • Send and receive messages
  • Use Shout system
  • Write blogs

And for a paid membership, here are the fee-based services:

  • Check on who visits your profile
  • Have your profile prioritized in searches
  • Discover the members who might be interested in you

And since MyLOL is a dating site for teens, the prices of premium membership are a bit low. Furthermore, you could also purchase a week of premium access for only $4 or $15.8 a month.

In addition, you can also enjoy some of the special features offered by the site through paying credits. These are the following:

  • Search Results – 200 credits. You can be the first member to appear in the search results.
  • Members Bar – 100 credits. You can be featured in the header photo bar, and you might be seen a hundred more times than others.
  • First Member Matched option and First Member Voted feature, 150 credits each. You can grow your popularity and be the first user appearing in the match and votes section.
  • Premim membership for two weeks – 1000 credits. You can try being a privileged member for at least two weeks.

And how to earn those credits? Well, the site offers many ways to collect credits. You can do any of the following:

  • Earn five credits for every member you voted/matched, which only limits five votes/matches every day.
  • Also, you get five credits for every new quiz replied. Only five quizzes a day are allowed.
  • Login on the site gives you five credits a day.
  • Reply to a new message and get ten credits.
  • Add a new photo a day to get fifteen credits.
  • Share the site and earn fifty credits.
  • Tweet the site for fifty credits.
  • And like the site to have fifty credits.

You’ll definitely earn a lot of credits and use them to enjoy the service.

Take note that given prices are in US dollars. So, the prices may differ depending on the area. The payments aren’t refundable. Subscription to MyLOL may be canceled anytime by visiting the Payment section on the settings.

Website design and usability

With regard to design and usability, the site definitely targets its main audience. Both the desktop and the mobile versions are easy to use and sleek, so there is no wonder most teens find it fun and trendy. In terms of functionality, the site takes account of the basic fact that teens can’t spend much money on paid services, so the essential features are free.

The rest of the functionalities are pretty the same between paying and non-paying accounts. Both the mobile and desktop are minimalistic. App users could contact the other members even if there is no profile picture. This app is for free and could be downloaded both on iTunes and Google Store. Again, the design is trendy and modern.

Mobile application

Mobile application

Of course, MyLOL has a mobile application that is almost a hundred percent the same as the desktop version. Both the mobile and desktop are minimalistic. App users can contact the other members even if there is no profile picture. This app is free and can be downloaded both from iTunes and Google Store. Again, the design is trendy and modern.

Contact information

It is also important for a dating site to offer superb customer care to its members or users. MyLOL didn’t fail in doing so. If you have any concerns, issues, or things you want to discuss with them, contact details are available.

  • Company Name: MyLOL.com
  • Address: 2300 Rue du Barachois Suite 505, Quebec, Canada, G2C 0G3
  • Email: support@mylol.com



With the popularity of various online dating sites or even social networking sites, many are too fond of joining and with high hopes to make new friends or find the right one for them! However, it is also best to advise that everyone should be vigilant enough, especially the teens when choosing which platform fits well. With MyLOL, teenagers these days are rest assured of having a fun and exciting dating experience!

Though from the reviews, specific issues have been raised about the use of MyLOL, the site is committed to addressing the matters and eventually provide the safest and most comfortable services to the users. With teenagers as their targets, MyLOL is doing great to provide what these young minds need for a social networking site. And there is no doubt because of the vast numbers of members on the site!

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