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Mixxxer Review 2022

Mixxxer Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 64%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 25-34
Profiles 3 600 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 9.7
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Most of the services on this site are free
  • You can hide your profile at any time
  • It has a working mobile application
  • There is an upgrade function on this site
  • The registration process is unduly complicated
  • The mobile application is filled with glitches
  • This site is useless for long and meaningful relationships

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Mixxxer is as direct as the three Xs in its name. It is an online dating platform that cuts to the chase and doesn’t even bother offering members promises of a happily-ever-after relationship or stuff in that nature. This online dating platform offers both male and female users the chance to hook up and find willing participants in such activities. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Mixxxer: Is This Dating Website Legit Or A Scam?

How Does Mixxxer Function?

Usually, the lines of what makes an online dating platform different from an adult site are very blurry, and lately, the lines are even blurrier. Many online dating platforms say that they’re offering users a chance of happily ever after, but these same sites also end up showing hookup chances and scantily clad people on the same sites.

How would you offer a person the chance of a long and faithful relationship when telling him about a hookup opportunity with a voluptuous female who lives down the street? This is simply a case of mistaken identity and misplaced priorities. Some online dating platforms claim that they are exclusively for hookups, flings, and inordinate meaningless affairs. Still, this same site has zero explicit pictures, and as a user interface, they merely have a few scribbles and a picture that could pass off as a Justin Bieber mug shot.

How exactly is this meant to turn on a viewer and give him a sense of what is meant to come on such a platform? This has been going on for some time now, and it seems as though we have more dating sites than we even have clients. However, amidst such a weird time in the online dating community, Mixxxer has broken the norm. This site doesn’t mince words in its pursuit if giving members instant gratification by exposing them to a wide array of similar thinking users that have one common goal: to get laid!

This exclusive dating platform can be easily accessed via its website. Just type “Mixxxer” on Google or get the link from a friend. You proceed by clicking on the link and gaining access to the site, and you will proceed to fill in some fields such as name, age, sex, preferences, and a bunch of other specifications. Due to the nature of this website, the sign-up process is unduly long and complicated. It is ultimately important because the website’s sophisticated algorithms can work properly to give you the best results imaginable.

Mixxxer is exclusively for hookups and helps users find hookups near their area by using a GPS function and location setting. This has a mobile app for ease of access, which as a paid subscriber on the website platform you can use for free. You must be at least 18, as this is one of the most explicit dating platforms out there.

How To Sign-Up & Login On Mixxxer

Mixxxer is a vast community with many members willing to lose all inhibitions and get a wild pleasurable experience on a Friday night. All that is usually required is for there to be a mutual understanding, good scenery, additional intimacy, and excellent conditions. It is similar to the online dating platform known as Adult Finder. It uses a member’s location to suggest the best and nearest hookups with particular regard to the urgency and speed of service.

This online dating platform dies not to beat around the bush as it was created to serve to pay subscribers with such quality and speed of efficiency, which is the only way that it truly can be enjoyed. To sign up for Mixxxer, all you need to do is access the website either by imputing the keywords into your local search engine or getting it via social media by using its dedicated hashtag.

Once you have gotten the site address, you go on to fill in the fields which we must warn you are quite lengthy in the light of how eDarling’s fields are similarly long and drawn out. This might take some time, but it is worth it. Once you are done with filling in the numerous fields, you can proceed to read the terms and conditions agreement as well as the privacy and policy agreement. They might seem easy to skip, but do not get deceived as it is essential to go through as that is the only way you can prevent yourself from possible liability due to a breach of trust. On Mixxxer, there is no need for e-mail verification, as you will be immediately directed to your user profile after you have filled in all the necessary fields on registration. You can log in anytime you feel like it.

How To Sign-Up & Login On Mixxxer

The Mixxxer Profile Interface

Profile interfaces are a very essential and vital part of an online dating platform, either relatable or just crass and ignorant. This is where a potential date can have the chance to size you up, seeing if you are worth forty minutes of fun and joy after a frat party in New York or whether you are just a nerd with no game and only a fast internet connection. Sadly, the Mixxxer profile interface isn’t anything to be excited about as it is quite basic, bland, and frankly boring. It tells users your location and shows a fellow member of the site your display picture in an unclear way. It shows your age and a few other tidbits of you as a person as long as you make it visible. Ensure that you hype yourself as much as the site can allow without coming off as obnoxious as this your gateway to other member’s good graces.

How to Get Matched and Interact On Mixxxer

Most of the better online dating platforms have cool matching features that make the search toggle a mere afterthought. Matching is way more critical to hookup dating sites than mere meet up sites targeting the goal of happily ever after for its members. As far as Mixxxer is concerned, all it desires is for members to have a cool avenue to get freaky and let go of inhibitions. Matches are shown on the Mixxxer user timeline and can be refreshed at any point in time. You can text the matches following which you can engage in conversations.

Members Structure and Activities on Mixxxer

Most online dating platform users are very particular about what they ask for. This is likely because they spend a lot of money paying and renewing subscription plans on the platforms not to talk of the hours they spend scurrying through the website’s search feature to find the perfect date, partner, or hookup. It is little wonder why over 2,000,000Users are members of Mixxxer. This online dating platform does not mince words or renege on its promise to give members a chance to have remarkable and consistent opportunities to hook up with beautiful women and handsome dudes that are also in the mood for getting freaky and naughty on a school night.

  • Geographical Locations

Mixxxer is a worldwide online dating platform that tries its best to serve the entire clientele of hungry and passionate users in the online dating community. This site doesn’t claim to be the best matchmaker or the place that magic can suddenly happen out of nothing, but it assures you quality and efficiency. Mixxxer, which is also known as the X-rated evil twin brother of Tinder, is an excellent platform that offers a comprehensive service even if it is mostly operational in the United States of America.

This website has the vast majority of its members as residents or citizens of the United States of America or neighboring countries like Mexico and Canada. Its base in North America is solid as compared to other continents, and hopefully, with time, this will expand.

Members Structure and Activities on Mixxxer

Average User Age

Mixxxer is an online dating platform created by citizens of the United States of America. It is operated from a base in the United States of America, and as such, it has to follow the said laws of the United States of America. One of those significant laws enforced on online dating platforms is that they must do everything within their powers to prevent minors from accessing the platforms.

This is essential, and if not done correctly, it could lead to a site’s operating certificate being suspended and some people being handed heavy fines or possible jail time. As such, Mixxxer members have to be at least eighteen years old to be a part of the platform due to the strong explicit content available on the website. Members and potential members should ensure that they correctly read the terms and conditions agreement for the site before thinking about the falsification of age.

Members are between the ages of 21 and 30. Mixxxer is very sensitive to such as there is a strict no minor policy in place. It has a strict no minor policy.

Sexual Preferences Explained

Mixxxer is one of the naughtier online dating platforms around. One of its main goals is to ensure that members are allowed to express themselves sexually and have loads of uninhibited fun doing that. It is open to both male and female users on the site and the mobile phone companion application. This site has more male than female users in keeping up to most of the online dating platforms’ usual status quo. Mixxxer is also particular about the fact that members can fall in love with or get sexually attracted to any they deem fit. It allows straight people, bisexuals, gays, lesbians, and transgender people. It is a staunch supporter of all-inclusiveness, and it removes members that it notices are homophobic.

Race and Ethnicity

Mixxxer prides itself on being a mixer of races, cultures, and ethnicities. It is worldwide as it tries its best to be as far-reaching as possible. Despite the apparent fact that Mixxxer has its base in the US and most of its members are from the United States, this online dating platform opens its doors to Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Hispanics, and co.

It has a strict no discrimination policy and stops at no length to punish members that it finds to engage in discriminatory activities that fall foul to their terms and conditions agreement. What do you expect from a multinational dating platform that is based in the land of diversity? Race bigotry of any form is not allowed on this platform for any reason whatsoever.

Religious Views

This online dating platform has three Xs in its username to show you just how sexually depraved Mixxxer. It lures viewers to its site with the promises of hookups and noncommittal relationships. Mixxxer is a farthing from a religious dating site as you can get as it runs in a parallel way compared to religious dating platforms such as Christian Mingle and matchbox. It doesn’t allow religious propaganda in any form that goes against its usual policy and mode of operation. It is strictly a hookup site.

Religious Views

Mixxxer Website Unique Features

Shower Door

A user can use this feature on Mixxxer to hide his or her identity from public viewing for the time being. As for some reason, they might just be emotionally unavailable from messaging but still be as eager to see all the explicit videos and pictures that the Mixxxer website offers. The shower door feature is the first of its name but not first of its kind, and it is quite remarkable in operation.

Match System

Mixxxer has a matching system that is the envy of a lot of online dating platforms. This is one of its key features as it was one of the first websites to have a sophisticated GPS tracking method to get a user’s real-time location. This helps the users of Mixxxer to know the people nearest in location to them that are ready to mingle at short notice.

GPS Location Feature

Created by the wealthy backers of Mixxxer, this location feature works for both the online website and the mobile phone companion application. This uses the phone tracker of a user to build a unique user identity that enables the user to become a beneficiary of various extra perks of being on the Mixxxer site, such as its matching system and the shower door feature.

Search Feature

Searching on Mixxxer is a piece of cake. First things first, you have to log in to your Mixxxer account after you must have gone through the long and time-consuming sign-up process. Once you are logged in, you can scroll up or sideways on the website screen and click in the search toggle that is denoted by a small microscope looking thingy.

Once you click on the small microscope, you will see an array of filters that you are to tune into your specification. After you do this and click on the search, you will see your personalized search’s best results. You can now chat up any of them at your leisure. It’s that simple.

Search Feature

Safety & Security On Mixxxer

All online dating platforms are prone to the odd catfish account infestation. It is almost a cultural thing as young ones experience the thrill of seeing explicit content and would thus stop at no length to access sites like Mixxxer. As such, Mixxxer has cool security features to try to put the proliferation at a minimum cap. This site is secure; it uses the GPS setting; it has excellent features and is super safe for intending subscribers. Users should desist from revealing personal info as that is the only way to be unsafe.

Is Mixxxer Legit or Is It Scam Service?

Mixxxer is legit. It tries very hard to give their customers and users the best possible experience while exposing them to excellent opportunities to get what they came to do on the application, which is simply to get laid. It is a very naughty website with a friendly mobile phone companion application that helps you when you’re on the go. It has unique features and very responsive members.

Pricing Policy On Mixxxer

Mixxxer is mostly a free online dating platform that gives users access to explicit content and hooks up with awesome fellow members. However, even though using the basic features of Mixxxer is free, there are some perks in upgrading to a paid subscription and being open to more possibilities.

Pricing on the site goes thus:

  • Free hookup services
  • Premium services cost $7.99 for one month
  • The 3-month package costs $19.99

Free User Option On Mixxxer

There is a free user option on this online dating site, and it allows you to message users for free. All you have to do is sign up, fill in the long and detailed fields, read and sign the terms and conditions agreement, and the privacy and policy agreement, and you are now open to all the benefits. You can now chat, search, and even get matched. The only problem is that you will likely get annoyed with all the ads that keep popping up on the website screen.

While the basic features of Mixxxer are super cool and a breeze to use, members usually have to contend with the tiny problem of the excessive ads that pop up on the screen and make chatting a living nightmare. This can be sorted out if you upgrade your profile into a paid subscription plan. Now you can call and text users more directly, search, and get matched. Plus, the best part is that all those annoying ads would disappear.

Paid User Option On Mixxxer

Mixxxer: Website Design and The Ease Of Use

Mixxxer is a cool online dating platform with exotic features that make it live up to its billing as the X-rated evil twin of Tinder. One thing that it still has to work in, however, is the website design, as that still comes off as too basic and bland. The Mixxxer website has an alternative background meaning that it can be turned from dark mode to light mode; it doesn’t have a romantic or erotic scenery one bit. At least it is easy to use as widgets are easy to spot, and toggles are easy to use.

The Mixxxer Mobile App

Most of the better online dating platforms and the biggest companies worldwide now have branded and exclusive mobile phone companion applications to help members who are on the go and do not have access to their laptops at a particular time. Mixxxer is no different as it has a mobile app which is available for iPhone and Android users. This is a nice incentive, and it is similar to the website.

Contact Information

Company: Socialsoft Networks LCC

Address: 1603 Capitol Avenue, Suite 310 A130, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82001

Phone: no phone number is displayed on the website

E-mail: staff@mixxxer.com

Contact Information

Final Thoughts

Online dating platforms have become a staple in the American popular culture in a way similar to how rap took over the mainstream in the 1990s and booted cut pants did in the mid-eighties. They are here to stay and range from dating sites that strive to give users the chance of happily ever after and those aiming to get paying subscribers the chance to get laid. Mixxxer is a good example of the later. It is simple, legitimate, and straightforward to use; maybe you should try it out someday.

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