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Kasidie Review

Kasidie Review
About Site
Active Audience 83%
Quality Matches 95%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 600 000 000
Reply Rate 95%
Ease of Use 7
Popularity 9.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The Kasidie website claims to allow the users to interact with the real-time audience giving them a chance to open up about their intimate interests.
  • The online dating portal allows the users to get into contact with the people around their locality for casual hookups.
  • Based on the Kasidie reviews submitted by a few of the members, it can be easily drafted that it provided really good opportunities for the adults who have relatively fewer friends to interact with people all over the globe, with no restrictions of caste, creed, race, ethnicity, gender or social stature.
  • The website is simple and easy to use.
  • In a detailed study, it was found that there were as many as millions of accounts registered under fake user names who build fascinating profiles to lure the other user and then churn benefits out of them.
  • The website allows the users to share illicit media with no restriction, causing emotional imbalance if they fell into the younger hands.
  • The Kasidie reviews and ratings on the various platforms bring in light scams of thousands and even more. After making the payment, the user was redirected to a chatbot, which responded only an indefinite set of statements programmed earlier. There were hardly any real-time users to interact, and the website proved to be a great turn off.
  • The website is completely focused on sexual meetings and casual intimate encounters, which can turn into serious or complex relationships from one or either end.

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Kasidie is an online adult dating website that allows its users to interact with an audience willing to get into touch with a stranger both for dating and one casual intimate encounter. It is one of these websites popularly called as swinger destinations. The website hosts a series of events and parties for the members to hook up and have fun. Many of the services are also available free of cost. The website is crowded with people who are fond of adventurous sexual activities. It helps people connect based on their sexual preferences and allows them to explore their nasty desires. Here’s a detailed review of the Kasidie website.

How does Kasidie Website work?

The website is social networking for adults who are more inclined towards intimate encounters than making friends or searching partners for relationships. A user who registers on the website is required to fill in the detail, some of which are obviously public, and the other can be kept private as per the user’s choice of secrecy. The back end of the website is designed to show the available users to the one searching for them based on their choice and preference. The user may then choose the people to connect and begin building an online friend base.

Kasidie also helps the users in getting into swinger clubs, parties, and resort takeovers.

Kasidie How does Kasidie Website work

How To Sign- Up And Login In The Kasidie Website?

The Kasidie website provides easy signup and login process. While the registration, a member has to provide a valid email address, name, location, date of birth for age verification, marital status, username, and sexual preferences. Once the email address gets verified, one can begin using the interface for connecting with people online.

After successful registration or sign up, the member can log in to their profiles anytime using the username or email address and the password entered at the time of registration. The details entered during the registration are reflected in the user profile, and this allows easy matchmaking. The users can connect with others based on similar preferences or matches.

However, only limited features are available for free, and to access the complete Kasidie website, which includes features of matchmaking, dating, and real-time chat, one needs a premium membership. The amount can be paid monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually, varying from USD 19.95 for a month to $15.00 per month for three months, equating to $45.00 billed in a single installment. For five months, the plan costs a total of USD 75, and for six months, it bills to an amount of USD 129.95

The Easy To Navigate And Use Profile Interface

The website provides an easy to work User Interface, designed primarily as a social networking service. The profile displays the basic information of the user, such as name, age, location, marital status, sexual preferences, and other information if entered by the user. It also displays a profile picture of the user or any other recent updates, including posts or media. The friend list of the user is displayed, which includes all the confirmed requests and matches accepted. There is a Kasidie review section that allows the user to rate the website and the other users.

Matches And Communication Process

Finding matches on Kasidie is easy unless you have some really weird preferences. However, getting into communication is the real deal. A user needs to be active on a membership plan to be able to initiate a conversation.

Though a user can actively participate in group chats and forums to get in touch with the other members, it restricts them from having an open and honest conversation with the people they are the most interested in. The website does allow the users to search for matches even without being a premium member, though. But as per the Kasidie reviews submitted by many users, they do play fraud and cheat the users. After getting the payment, the matches stop responding, or responses are sent via chatbots. The customer support does not reply to the queries only to increase the users’ pain.

How To Sign- Up And Login In The Kasidie Website

Members Structure And Activities Noted On This Website

According to an online survey, it was revealed that the Kasidie website had about 600 million active users by the end of 2019, and the registration count was around 65,000 per day. The monthly login count, more or less, is 51,000. Mostly popular in the US, it also has a far and wide base in the UK, Asia, the Middle East, and the Indian subcontinent. Most of the website users are between 25 – 35 years, making it crowded with the younger ones who are mostly looking for casual dating and no commitments.

The Minimum Users Age Required To Be A Member

Kasidie gets most of the crowd from young adults. It doesn’t deny the presence of the older group in any way. According to an online survey, the users between 18 to 24 years of age comprise about 16 percent of the member activity, whereas 39 percent of them belong to 25 to 34 years of age. About 14 percent crowd is of 35-44 years. The crowd belonging to the age group of 45 to 54 aggregates to about 11 percent, and the remaining goes for those above 54 years of age.

However, the community guidelines strictly underline that the website is not apt for the use of any user below 18 years of age. To ensure this, the dating services are available for paid members, thus keeping a check over the user’s age.

Sexual Preferences Options

The Kasidie website allows its user to choose their sexual preferences without any restrictions. Homosexual, heterosexual, or bisexual, the website is available for all of them and even helps them in finding a partner of their sexual preference. Usually, the users look for heterosexual partners or friends, but that does not curtail the active members looking for them otherwise. The website is mainly focused on adventurous sexual activities.

No Restrictions On Race and Ethnicity Of A Member

The users listed on the Kasidie website have no restrictions on race or ethnicity. The website is open to use for all of them. The numbers, however, show a spike in the American and African American crowd. The Middle East group also contributes to a major count. The Indian origin users also contribute to a large crowd.

Religious Orientation Policy

The website is not oriented to any religion or community and keeps a strong check on any hatred or violence. The users are not compelled to reveal such information publicly and can do it at their accords. The community guidelines and terms of the Kasidie are pretty clear about the usage policies.

Kasidie Members Structure And Activities Noted On This Website

Kasidie Dating Website Features

The Kasidie website provides pretty advanced and interactive features to the clients. These features include video introduction and interaction, instant chat facility, personal blogs, and groups of interest. Apart from this, magazines are also available. The website also provides a Live Cam chat facility, illicit content survey, and local dates available.

Apart from this, the full depth questionnaire feature helps connect users who share the most relevant interests and desires. The mobile site is readily available.

Safety & Security Of Members

As stated by the Kasidie website under its Privacy Policy, it acquires the right to disclose the personal information entered by the user to the other members on the website to enable a smooth matchmaking process. The email address might be used to update the user with the latest updates or to deliver the regular newsletter. The user authorizes the website to push cookies and caches for a hassle-free experience while browsing through the website. If the user enters any sensitive information or shares or posts any compromising post publicly, the website will hold no liability.

However, the Kasidie never leaks or reveals confidential information, such as the account password, or the credit card details and bank account passwords. Thus, they follow a strict user-friendly and secure policy of use.

Is Kasidie Legit Or Scam Service?

Kasidie is a legit website that offers dating services to adults, basically couples. They host a number of events for the members to enjoy adult fun in the forms of dining, parties, erotic events, and more. There are several services available on the website. They have regulations for controlling scam profiles on the website.

Kasidie Dating Website Features

Subscription Types And Price

The users of Kasidie can signup easily. There is a need for uploading photos for registration. There is a questionnaire for the users to out their choices and preferences on various activities. The users can use a free membership or could opt for paid services. There are four kinds of memberships available with different periods of 1 month, three months, six months, and 13 months

Free Membership Features

There are a large number of free services available on the Kasidie website. The users can look for parties and events and can even search for other members free of cost. Basic free services help the members to communicate with each other easily.

Special features:

The various free services allow users to have a good time on the website. Users can browse for nearby parties and events on the website. Free membership also allows users to browse for club listings and add them to their profile.

Members can search for other profiles free of cost on the Kasidie website. They can also read forums and discussions put up by the members.

Though there are several free services, Kasidie focuses on premium services. Thus, paid members can avail of a number of additional benefits to enhance their experience on the website.

Special features:

Paid membership at Kasidie allows members to join various chat rooms. Paid members can also send emails to other members and increase their communication.

Other profiles in Kasidie remain open for viewing by paid membership. They can also join forums for engaging communication experience. The paid service is named as Elite Certified.

Paid Membership Price:

The prices for the paid membership differ with the number of months it is availed. A one-month subscription will cost 19.95 USD. Availing a three-month subscription would be at the rate of 5 USD per month, which totals 15USD. Buying a 6-month subscription will cost 12.50USD at the rate of 2.08USD per month. For 12 months, the subscriber has to pay 0.90 USD per month, which will cost a total of 10.80 USD.

Kasidie Subscription Types And Price

Website Design And Usability

The Kasidie website offers a number of interesting carries. All the features have been designed to be user-friendly with well-constructed buttons. The site can be easily understood and used by the members, even for the first time.

Setting up the profile could be a bit time consuming as there is a need for going through an extensive questionnaire. The design of the Kasidie website is quite adapting and supports the function of the website. Most of the basic features are also free for users.

Website Design And Usability Of Kasidie

Know About The Mobile Application Of Kasidie

Kasidie does not host a mobile application. All the features for the dating experience and fun are covered on the website.

Contact information

Company: Kasidie LLC.

Address: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Phone: (404) 699-0100

Email: scott@kasidie.com


Kasidie website offers dating experience for adults with increased fun-based activities. It hosts several events, parties, and other activities that allow them to interact and communicate with each other. The website is basically for couples and sugars looking for fun. The Kasidie review gives information about the subscription types, their special features as well as prices. There are four planes based on the time period. Though the basic idea of the website is premium services, many services are available free of cost. The website does not have a mobile application. The Kasidie review also gives information about the contact details.

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