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FetLife Review

FetLife Review
About Site
Active Audience 63%
Quality Matches 94%
Popular Age 23-28
Profiles 50 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 7.6
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is easy to pick one person out of the million users of the website. FetLife might not be a dating site, but people have successfully found love by using the site.
  • The site gives the user the chance to be their authentic self and ask questions. The users are in the community of people who understand and will not judge them.
  • The users are finally given a chance to explore their sexual desires.
  • It is very affordable and easy to join the community.
  • It is not advisable for new kinks to use the site because there are lots of fantasies that can scare the newbie away.
  • A new user would have to understand how the clubs and fetish parties are organized. This means that the user would have to be an observer first.
  • Most of the users of the site do not post their pictures so other members may not know who they are talking with.

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FetLife is a dating and hookup social media website. The platform aims to connect individuals who are interested in kinky and BDSM sexual activities. If you are one such individual and want to join this community, this review is for you. Many people find it challenging getting information relating to websites centered around people in the BDSM community, and we hope to change that in this review. We will be taking an in-depth look at FetLife and how you may use it and benefit from it.

We will also talk about the information we know you are looking out for, including the subscription fees, method of communication, features, and so much more. We will also ensure that when you are done reading this review, you will have all the knowledge you need to join this platform if you feel it is a good match for you. Without much deliberating, here is our review for FetLife.

FetLife Review

How Does FetLife Actually Work?

It is a dating website targeted at individuals who are interested in fetishes. The platform hosts members from all over the world who are interested in BDSM, roughhousing, and other kinky sexual orientations. The website allows new members the option of trying out the site for free before committing to payments.

It is a widely used platform on the internet, especially by people who look for a safe space to express their sexuality with others like them. Another reason for its mass appeal is the free services new users enjoy. It operates on a social media basis and is more geared towards creating a safe community for kinks where they can meet, mingle, and express themselves. Users can share photos, interact, add new friends, make new connections, and hook up with other members. The website is open to both single and dating individuals, and they can each find other users who will share in their fantasies.

FetLife turned the online dating scene into a casual social one. The relaxed environment without the pressure of finding a date is part of what gives the website its success. The platform creates an environment where BDSM lovers and enthusiasts can interact and meet each other.

How Does FetLife Actually Work?

How to SignUp and Login

Signing up for FetLife is free, and all new users can try out the service before upgrading their account. User phone numbers are needed to complete the registration as they will be sent codes on their device to complete their registration. This code is crucial to creating an account because, without it, you will not be able to verify your new account.

During the creation of your account, you will be asked to pick your interests (fetishes) from a list. This will help the platform recommend groups they think you may be interested in based on your preferences. Once you have completed your signup, you will gain access to the other users on the site. New members will be able to view member profiles and interact with other users on the site. The only feature new users won’t have access to is the video feature, which they will need to pay $5 to access.

There are some other personal details you will need to provide during the signup process to create your account. Some of these details include:

  • E-mail Address
  • Name
  • Password
  • Location
  • Role (Dominant, Mistress, Master, or others)
  • Sexual preference

FetLife is an excellent site to sign up for as the process is simple and straight to the point. Although a majority of the features on the website are available for free users, some other features only paid members can access. Members can enjoy the service sufficiently without the need to pay, although paying gives 100% better performance on the platform.

How to SignUp and Login

The Profile Interface

The profile interface is simple and displays the relevant information for each user. There are the primary display image and the information they have made available. One major drawback of the website is that its members aren’t always willing to share their pictures on their profile. They opt to use abstract images instead, so it may be challenging knowing whose profile you are viewing at first glance.

How Matches Work & The Communication Process

FetLife operates like a regular social network with communities and forums. Users can meet each other at these forums or add each other directly. Messages can be sent and received quickly as this is a feature open to all members, including the free ones. It is, therefore, easy for members to connect and meet each other.

How Matches Work

Members Structure and Activities

To become a member of FetLife, you need to be at least 18 years of age. So this puts the youngest demography At 18 years of age. The gender split sees males being in a higher percentage than females, so this makes it quite tedious to find a female partner on the platform to bond and form a connection with. The users on the site are on a spectrum from curious greenhorns who are new to the kinky life and expert Mistresses with their private spaces.

Users Age

Users on the website start from 18-year-olds and peak at around 60-year-old members. The most popular demographic on the platform is 24 to 35-year-olds. They are the highest number on the website and are responsible for most of the engagements that happen on the site.

Sexual Preferences

The sexual preferences of users on the site include BDSM, Dominatrixes, Masters, Slaves, Submissives, Mistresses, and all other subgroups under the BDSM umbrella. This website caters to those who lean towards these unconventional sexual orientations, so it is only right that these are the sexual preferences for users on the site.

Race and Ethnicity

There are individuals of various races on the platform. FetLife does not discriminate against any race or color on its platform, and it is open and free for all to join and participate in. The racial distribution of the site is distributed across multiple races, although the graph is skewed in favor of whites who have majority numbers.

Religious Orientation

Members of the website are free to be of any religious orientation that they choose. There is no restriction on any religious institution. The most crucial factor is that members must be of the BDSM sexual orientation to enjoy the website.

Religious Orientation

FetLife Dating Platform: Main Features

FetLife has several features and versatile functions; it gives its users. These key features make the website fun to use and ensure that users can conveniently interact and connect. What the website lacks in aesthetics, it gains in function and usability.

The blog part of the website ensures that users are never bored when they have no friends to chat with. The content can be discovered in the Kinky and popular section, and it is a finely curated section. Users can find all types of stories for viewing, and they may spend hours swiping from content to content. This just one of the remarkable features that both paid and premium members have access to.

The share feature is used by members to transfer media and materials of interest to each other. The platform is designed as a social network for BDSM inclined individuals, and therefore it is a social community of like-minded individuals. Members can share personal photos, sexual desires, and fetish fantasies among each other on the website.

There are forums and communities for various topics on the website. This is one way for members to meet other users who have the same fantasies and desires as they do and form a connection. The discussion feature boosts the likelihood of users finding someone who they can match with on the site.

It is free to participate in discussion groups on the platform as all users can engage in the forums. There are different groups and communities on the platform, and these groups are all created around various issues. This creates a safe space for users who engage in the same topics to meet each other and match. There is a group for almost every topic, and users can use the search function to discover new groups.

The events feature alerts users to coming events on the platform. Different activities are regularly organized at intervals, and this feature ensures that group members do not miss anything important.

These features make FetLife a well-rounded website and a full-fledged social network. It connects individuals of different fetishes on the same platform and allows them to create and forge new friendships, partnerships and, match with each other. Users who join this website will have full access to all the features listed here without having to pay. This is part of the reason FetLife is very attractive to its users.

Main Feature

Security and Safety On The Website

The platform is safe. It prioritizes the security of users and protects its users’ data from third-party buyers. All private information, web data, and all other user-generated data are kept and not used to sell users’ ads. The platform uses member’s data to check the effects of new updates and features. Member’s messages are encrypted with top of the line SSL certificates, and FetLife promises to protect your data even when confronted by the authorities or receive an order from a court. If you are paranoid about your data safety and security, you can rest assured your data is in safe hands.

The pages of the website are not searchable through search portals like Google and Bing. Messages and user profiles are therefore protected from searches that may expose their content online. The only way to view what other members of FetLife have posted on the website is to signup and join the community.

If you want to find out more about the security features members of the website have access to, you can check out the privacy policy of the platform. This will help you determine all areas of the site that’s covered under the procedure so that you can be better prepared to understand the extent of protection. All in all, FetLife is a well-protected website that keeps its members safe and protected, and even its Privacy Policy enforces that.

Is FetLife Legit or a Scam Service?

FetLife is not a scam. It is a genuine dating platform that operates as a social media platform, and it allows its members to meet and connect. It is a legitimate website that any BDSM enthusiast can join and be a part of the community.

MembershipTypes and Price


The website is almost totally free, as users have access to about 90% of the website’s functions. Free users will have to contend with occasional ads that will pop up on their pages while they use the service. The ads do not cause any obstructions, so it is not a problem. The payment option available to FetLife users is the premium membership that costs $5 every month. The premium membership unlocks a few features that make your overall membership on the website better. The premium membership unlocks a few neat features that members can enjoy.

Free Membership

The free membership of FetLife is quite robust. Users have free access to almost every function on the site except videos and ads. This means that members have access to chat, adding friends, searching for users, and general interactions. Users using the free platform can also add as many photos as they like to their gallery. Having a free membership for the website is similar to having a Twitter or Facebook account you use to connect with friends.

For $5, users will gain access to the video feature on the website. This means that they will be able to view and create their own videos, make video chats with other paying members, and enjoy the full benefits of the video service. Additionally, the paid users have an ad-free experience as premium members do not see any ads on their pages. The subscription is affordable; hence, if you want the perks of video and an ad-free experience, you should try it out.

FetLifeDesign and Usability

FetLifeDesign and Usability

The platform uses a definitive black and red design to set the tone. The interface is user-friendly, and it is easy to use. Navigating from one page to the other isn’t a problem, and new users can quickly learn how to use the site. The straightforward nature of the website will remind you about regular social networks. Usability isn’t a problem because the website has focused its design efforts to ensure that the aesthetic nature of the site doesn’t disturb the functional part.

How to Use a Mobile App?

The mobile app is available for all smartphones. The app is compact, and users seem to prefer it to the native website. There is also the option of using the mobile web browser to access the site if you feel more comfortable there. All browsers can conveniently access the website on mobile, and the app is well optimized to function on all devices comfortably. The app is a well-optimized version of the web version of the site. It is smooth and easy to use and delivers a better experience if you want to enjoy FetLife on the go.

Contact Information

Here is the contact Information for FetLife:

Company: BitloveInc

Address: BitLove Inc.(A0083877) Suite 125 718-333 Brooksbank Ave. North Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, V7J 3V8

Phone: (833) 248-5683

E-mail: support@FetLife.com



FetLife is a social network for individuals who want a safe environment to be themselves and express their fetishes. The platform is a social network that allows its users the freedom to pursue their sexual fetishes with other users online. The website is simple and easy to use, and new users find it comfortable. The platform also has a mobile app and mobile web version for users who want a more straightforward way to use the website.

If you are new to the world of online BDSM communities and do not want to be thrown off the deep end, we recommend that you use this website to get started as it is one of the most user-friendly platforms available online. It gives you the option to take your time gently, integrating into the community without rushing you. New users can streamline the groups they want to be a part of and control when they participate. Joining FetLife will be an experience you will never forget as it is one great way to connect with others like you online.

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