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Feeld Review 2022

Feeld Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 67%
Quality Matches 78%
Popular Age 26-29
Profiles 156 000
Reply Rate 82%
Ease of Use 6.8
Popularity 6.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Diverse: it connects different genders and different sexual orientations on its site. It also allows registration for couples, singles, or pioneers.
  • Most basic features, like the search options and messaging, are free of charge to all members.
  • There is an available chatroom for all users of this platform.
  • Members can view profiles and pictures of other members free of charge on this site.
  • Easy to use a platform with minimal features which make it easier to navigate on its homepage.
  • Only functional on mobile apps. It does not operate as a website on desktop browsers.
  • The site does not have photo or video messengers as compared to other developed sites.
  • Low membership: this platform has slightly over 2million members, making it one of the world's unpopular dating sites.
  • This dating platform has a lot of fake and scam profiles since there is no verification of photos.
  • Members are scattered due to the few numbers. Getting a match takes longer, as usual.
  • Only messaging is used as a communication feature.
  • Un-proportional gender balance. Men are over 70 percent of the total users of this site. Most of its users are couples.

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Feeld is an adult online dating website for individuals who would like to explore their sexual desires. It is a site only used on mobile apps, enabling users to meet and enjoy what they would like to have during their sexual encounters. It gives a platform where like-minded individuals can meet and hookup. It provides media where individuals can be honest with themselves and also responsible for each other.

Feeld, on its site, promises to offer space for members who want to explore their sexual desires beyond the typical norm. It connects like-minded individuals who are looking for ethical non-monogamy or wish to partner in kink. It allows individuals to choose from the over 20 gender and sexual identities, which include: Agender, Androgynous, Bi-gender, Genderqueer, Intersex, Non-binary, among others.

It is regarded as one of the largest open-minded dating sites worldwide, which is open to all genders and all sexual orientations. It pairs singles, couples, and pioneers looking for their like-minded partners either for a one-night stand, short-term dates, or overall long-term relationships.

Feeld dating platform was found in July 2014, and it is owned by Feeld Ltd, who got it from its previous owners, 3nder Ltd. It is only functional on the mobile apps, which can be downloaded for free from iOS platforms and Google play store for iPhone and Android users.

Its offices are located at Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE, United Kingdom, and you can contact them via email at support@feeld.com. Let’s check on its pros, its members, and how it is used. Join this review for these and much more.

Feeld: How It Works

Feeld: How It Works

To enjoy this site, you need first to download the mobile application from the iOS platform or the Google platform for iPhone and Android users.

After having the app, you are required to register and also create your profile, which takes a short time, and it’s easy. Immediately after having your account ready, you can use the search filters to select your preferred matches as per your likes and preferences. The site allows you to choose your preferred gender and sexual preferences on over 20 sexual and gender preferences.

Once you find your preferred match, you can like their profiles, and if they want you too, it will create a match. Once you have the connection, you can send each other messages and also exchange photos as you plan on how to meet to enjoy your union.

The site is free to use to all members. However, to access certain advanced features, you are requested to upgrade your account to premium at a fee. These premium accounts are known as Majestic Membership and come with more enhanced features.

Feeld Sign-Up & Login Process

Feeld Sign-Up & Login

You need to have an account to become a member of this site. Membership is only got after one has registered and created his account. The registration process is straightforward and fast. It only takes less than three minutes to have a complete profile.

Account registration is always done via Facebook for the verification process. Most of the information is picked from Facebook accounts, and only a few are added later. To fully register, you are required to provide the below additional details:

  • Gender: you are required to choose your gender from the preset options.
  • Sexuality: there are diverse sexual orientations that new members are required to select.
  • Birthdate: to confirm your age, the date of birth is required in this section.
  • Nickname: You are required to provide a username, which you will be using on this site.
  • Phone number: A phone number is required for the verification process.

Profile Interface

Feeld dating platform does not have much profile details. Much of the information is always captured during registration. There is nothing much to add on profiles, except the profile photos and your desires. When adding photos, you are required to give decent pictures, not the ones that show nudity. You can add images that do not belong to you since the site does not verify its photos.

However, this idea always leads to a lot of fake profiles on this site. You can use any photo as your profile picture, including cartoons, animals, or any other image type. Users can change the details they provided during registration on this profile section.

Premium account holders can hide their profiles and also check those who are online. They can also check the last time other accounts were online.

Matching & Chatting

Members are required to use the search filters to look for their potential matches just after registration.

You can search members according to their age, location, gender, and also sexual orientation. The location feature also enables you to choose matches within your location or distance, depending on your preference.

After getting your potential matches, you can send them likes to create a connection. To match, the liked profile has to like you back. Wanting a profile that already liked you before also establishes a connection.

You can send each other chats to create a conversation after matching. Individuals who have matched can also post to each other photo messages as they plan on how to meet physically.

Using the search filters, matching, and communicating on this site is free of charge to this website’s users.

Members Structure and Activities

Feeld dating platform has over 2 million accounts on its platform. These members come from different regions in the world and belong to different age groups and ethnicities.

The population of this dating app can be grouped into the below categories:

  • Users Age
  • Sexual orientation
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Religious Orientation

Users Age

Being an adult dating platform, Feeld members are individuals who are above 18 years of age.

These users are in different age categories, but most are aged 20 to 35 years of age. However, other older members are available on site. You can find individuals as early as 60 years using this site. This means the site is comprised mostly of young adults using the site to explore their sexual adventures.

Sexual Preferences

Feeld dating platform is diverse when it comes to sexual orientations. The website accommodates different gender groups and different sexual orientations. It helps users who want to explore different sexual fantasies.

Some sexual orientations on this site include Gays, lesbians, straight, bisexual, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, poly-sexual, queer, andro-gyno-sexual, andro-sexual, asexual, auto-sexual, gyro-sexual, and hetero-flexible, among others. You can choose your preferred gender and also sexual orientation through the search filters.

Race and Ethnicity Details

Feeld Race and Ethnicity Details

This dating platform accommodates all types of races from all corners of the world in its platform.

You can find users from different regions who belong to different races, including Black Americans, Indians, Asians, Chinese, Africans, and Arabs, among other ethnicities.

You can also choose members according to their ethnic groups on this platform.

Religious Orientation

Different religious groups have joined this site to explore and search other like-minded individuals for love and sexual relations.

The site accommodates Christians, Muslims, and pagans, Hindus, Atheists, among other religious groups. You can also choose the type of religion which you would want to get a partner from.

Feeld Dating Website Features

Feeld Dating Website Features

Feeld dating platform has limited features. This is because it does not contain many communication features, and also its interface can only be used via the mobile app. Most of these features are free to use and provide an exciting experience to users.

Some of these essential features available here include the following.

  • Messaging: this is the only communication feature available on this platform. Messaging is free to all members and can only be used between matches. Users can send to each other chats and also images if they would wish. You cannot chat with an un-matched member, unless on paid accounts.
  • Search Options: These are filters which enable you to choose members according to your likes and preference. The platform allows you to select members according to their age, sexuality, location, gender, among other categories.
  • Hide from Facebook: This feature enables members to hide their profiles from mutual friends on Facebook. Profiles are always connected to Facebook accounts. This feature is for premium account holders only.
  • Last seen: you can tell if someone is online, or the last time they were seen online using this feature. To check last seen of others, you need to have yours visible too. You can use this feature only on paid memberships.
  • Connection: This feature alerts you when someone wants to connect with you. You can be able to see that someone liked you. This feature is available on premium accounts only.

Feeld Safety & Security

Feeld Safety & Security

Feeld dating platform has security features that are meant to keep users’ identities and account secure. Verification is only done through a mobile phone or by linking Facebook accounts. You can only register through Facebook.

The website has an active support team, where users can report suspicious accounts. It also advises members on how to stay safe on this platform. Individuals are also required to follow the community guidelines and also to accept terms of use when they join this platform.

The privacy policy is also available for account holders to go through. It explains how the site collects information, the kind of information it collects, how it uses, and store this information, and how it shares it with other third parties.

Being an online platform, everyone is always advised to be very careful about interacting with strangers on an online platform. Some might turn out to be scammers, and online platforms do not conduct background checks on this.

Is Feeld a Legit or Scam Service?

Feeld is a legit dating site. It has all features and procedures of a legit dating platform. Being owned by a registered company, this dating platform has verified accounts of users and also a privacy policy and contacts to explain its existence. This dating platform is owned by Feeld Ltd, which is a registered company in the United Kingdom.

Feeld Subscription Types and Price

Feeld Subscription Types and Price

Feeld has two main types of accounts for its users. These include the following.

  • Free Membership: These are free accounts that do not require payments. They offer minimal use.
  • Paid membership: These are paid accounts and offer all features of this dating platform.

Free Membership

Being a free account, free membership provides limited use to its users. However, through these accounts, you can register, search, match, and communicate with your potential match. You can entirely use this platform on a free account.

Its features include the below:

  • Free account registration
  • Free update of user profile and other details.
  • Free chat and messaging experience
  • Free connection through the matching feature
  • Free search option and use of the search filters
  • Free consult to the website admins
  • Free download of app and installation

To enjoy more experience on this site, you need to have an upgraded account.

Also known as premium account, Paid membership provides all the features of this site. To be upgraded, you need to make payments. Feeld has very few advanced features on premium accounts. Paid accounts are known as Majestic Memberships on this platform.

Other than the above free features, members on paid membership enjoy the below-advanced benefits:

  • They can hide their Facebook accounts and also put their accounts in private.
  • They can check when a particular profile was online and time.
  • They can see individuals who like their profiles.

To have your account upgraded to premium, you are required to make payments to the website. These payments are made through subscriptions, and users can subscribe to two different types of packages as provided by the website.

These subscription packages are as below:

  • One Month Subscription package at $11.99, paid monthly.
  • Three-month subscription package at $23.99, payable quarterly.

The subscription can be terminated anytime through the mobile app subscription panel. Users need to cancel the auto-renewal process to stop them recurring. Cancellation needs to be done at least 48 hours before their due date.

Payments can be made via credit card, Mobile phone, or through PayPal.

Feeld Website Design and Usability

Feeld Website Design and Usability

The website on this platform does not have functional features. It only contains user guidelines, FAQs, Terms of use, and privacy policy. All functional features of this platform are available only on mobile apps, both Android and iPhone. You can also get links to download mobile apps via the website.

Mobile Application

Feeld Mobile Application

Features of this website are all functional on mobile applications. These mobile apps can be downloaded for free, both on Google Play Store and Appstore platforms for android and iPhone users. Installation is also free.

The app’s interface is simple and very easy to use. Features are also straightforward and are not hidden, making them be easily seen. You can use all features, including registration, matching, search, and chat through these mobile apps. Subscriptions to Majestic membership are also done via apps.

Contact Information

Company: Feeld Ltd

Address: Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE, United Kingdom.

E-mail: support@feeld.com

Feeld Review: Conclusion

Feeld is a good dating site for individuals who want to experience more kinks in their sexual experiences. It provides different types of genders and connections to its users, including a variety of sexual preferences. Being used on mobile apps gives room for users to be online anytime and anywhere at the comfort of their smartphones. Most of its features are also free to use, making it an affordable dating platform.

Despite having the most advantages, the site has a few disadvantages like low membership and a few communication features. It is a recommended site for individuals looking for sexual adventures. Its features are simple, and the mobile apps are functional on all smartphone and tablet devices. It is not suitable for individuals looking for long time partners to settle within.

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