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Bumble Review

Bumble Review
About Site
Active Audience 87%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-25
Profiles 3 000 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Women are not bombarded with messages as only they can initiate conversations after a match as established;
  • Almost an equal demographic of male to female;
  • Account setup is straightforward – primarily if a Facebook profile is used;
  • A higher percentage of matches end up in a conversation.
  • The app may not be great for men since they cannot initiate a dialogue;
  • A 24-hour time window for women to establish a connection after matching with a profile;
  • Limited information available about matches;
  • Search filters are minimal,

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How Does Bumble Work?

Bumble is an app where only females have a say in getting a potential match. This is almost similar to speed dating, where users can go through different profiles and swipe left or right depending on their interest. A left swipe is performed when the page does not intrigue much, and a right swipe — when the profile draws the attention. If both individuals end up making the right swipe, a connection is established. Now, it is up to the female to decide whether they want to go further and start a conversation through messaging or video chat.

The women are given 24 hours to decide. If not, the potential match goes out of the window. Even though it is up to the females, this app is available for both sexes. The most significant difference in the case of same-sex matches would be the option of either party being able to start the conversation. This app works based on location, and users must enable GPS to enjoy the features. Initially, the local profiles are given out. The program moves to the long-distance pages only after these are over.

Bumble is focused more on creating a productive and positive life through healthy relationships. Even though this appears to be a speed dating site, this is also a social network that empowers women to initiate conversations. It can serve for different purposes like seeking friends, improving the professional network, or even finding love.

Bumble Review: How Do You Sign up?

The signup process with Bumble is straightforward, as a member can use Facebook to authenticate, set up the profile, and start swiping in a matter of a few minutes. All the essential information from the Facebook account, including the profile picture, will be automatically imported. If a user does not have a Facebook account or they do not want to use the same, they can always utilize a phone number. The location details are critical for the app to work, and people need to allow its sharing.

After signing up with a Facebook account, users can still modify various settings like pictures, gender and age preferences, and more. If a person has used a phone number to log in, there is also a possibility of adding images to increase the likelihood of a successful match. Everyone has the freedom to look for friends or love.

Just like many other programs, Bumble does not sign out a user each time they exit the app. Just like a Facebook software, the member will be prompted for login only after manually logging out of the account. Even if it was done automatically, login back through the Facebook option takes a few seconds.

Profile Details

The profiles at Bumble can be accessed at no additional cost. Every user is free to add six pictures for each page. These can either be imported to the Facebook page or uploaded directly. If there were any explicit photos, they would be removed automatically. Besides, all images have to meet strict regulations. An exciting option to initiate curiosity and a potential match is the ‘move maker’ functionality, where several thought-provoking questions are available. Answering them will improve the likelihood of receiving a match, as it is more than a standard ‘about me’ section, which is also available.

A member also has the option of entering work and education details. These can be considered extras on top of the basic information like height, drinking habits, smoking habits, pets, relationships, and so on. Most of the fields can be filled with multiple answers. Finally, the profile can also be connected with Instagram and Spotify to pull any relevant information from these social networking platforms. The Instagram pictures or preferred artists on Spotify can be a factor that determines a potential match, which would then lead to communication.

How Do Matches Work? (Communication Info)

Bumble will provide a huge stack of individuals who are near the user. This information is obtained since the app has been granted access to the real-time location. Once profiles from a specific region come into the play, a person has to swipe left or right to indicate their dislike or like. Similar to other dating apps that use the swiping technique, both individuals should match for the dialogue to start. In the case of Bumble, however, it is always the woman who has to initiate the conversation first. They only have 24 hours to do that, or the match goes out of the window. It can be restored by spending coins or picking up the paid membership.

The conversation and chats can be accessed in the far-right section of the program. Many sorting and filtering options are provided in the messaging section so that it is easy to find valuable messages. One can sort them based on factors like members nearby, recent conversation, or unread messages. They are also color-coded so that users will be able to spot BFF, male extended, female extended, or expired connections right away.

Bumble Members and Activities

Bumble has more than 50 million members, and they are spread across 150 countries. This extensive user base will undoubtedly include people of different age groups, interests, race, and religious beliefs.

Age of Users

The majority of Bumble users happen to be around 25 to 35 years. There are no official figures from Bumble, but it is clear that the demographic is in this range. Furthermore, this is one of the few dating apps where there are more females than males, if not equal. The percentage of ladies goes up drastically when speaking about 50+.

Sexual Preferences

Most of the individuals on this platform use it as a dating site. This number represents around 75% of the participants. The remaining members consider Bumble as a social networking tool or just for finding new friends.

Ethnicity and Race

There are no ethnicity filters on Bumble, and it is one of the few dating apps that do not provide this option. Similarly, it is also possible to sort out users based on race. Even then, white people are prevalent, followed by a good representation of black individuals. The Asian and other races are comparatively less here.

Religious Orientation

Once again, there is no option to sort out users based on religious orientation, but most of them are Christian. There is also a huge number of the Jewish community.

Bumble Features

Although Bumble is mostly a free dating platform, it is possible to spend money and gain some advantages over other profiles. This is due to the presence of special features, which are available at a certain cost. The Bumble Boost feature would cover many of these, but also there are:


This is a feature that is applicable to users who are not looking to establish personal connections. Instead, they are seeking business contacts through this dating app. The feature has the potential to transform this dating software into a LinkedIn version, as it is easy to come across like-minded people for improving network connections, knowledge, and much more.


The common action of swiping right on a profile to denote interest simply does not cut the mustard when a user happens to like a profile much. In such an instance, it is vital to send out a special message that would convey this intense attractiveness to a specific person. This job is handed out to the SuperSwipe feature, which will be able to make sure that the other person is notified about the particular interest. It has to be purchased separately using coins.


If a user is not particularly into the dating scene and just looking for friends, this feature can be of great use. It is useful to seek profiles that are interested in platonic relationships alone without the intention of dating or more.

Virtual Dating Badge

This is a badge awarded to a user who is ready and keen on a voice or video call. Most of the conversation on this app has been taking place through chat. The voice and video call options bring the conversation to the next level, and it will also help establish meaningful contact even before going out in real life. This feature can also be useful for getting intimate experience.

Bumble Hive

Bumble has put a greater amount of focus on real-life events through sponsorship from Bumble Hive, which is available to all Bizz, BFF, and dating members. The regular Bumble profile can be used as an entrance ticket for these events. This provides an excellent opportunity for members to meet up with like-minded individuals. The meetings would also implicate arranging conferences and symposiums that feature expert speakers.

Bumble Safety & Security

There is a lot of effort put on safety for providing an enjoyable user experience to members. For this purpose, Bumble imposes a lot of guidelines – especially when it comes to uploading photos. They prevent people from uploading pictures in bikinis, underwear, with kids, shirtless, and more. The user also should not upload nude images, pornographic material, guns, and more. If any real person founds a fake profile, they can always choose to report and block it.

Is Bumble Legit or a Scam Service?

Bumble is one of the popular dating apps in the market, and it is the second-most visited when it comes to the United States. Even though the site has a paid membership, there is little use for the same if a user is more than happy with the options provided for free access. It is challenging to think Bumble is a scam, as it is a legit service that has been gaining rapid popularity since its introduction in 2014.

Subscription Types and Costs

All users can avail of free or paid membership. Each comes with its own set of benefits, while coins can also be picked up additionally so that more features can be used.


Unlike many of the dating sites that can be accessed only with a paid account, it is possible to use Bumble very effectively without the need to pick up additional membership. Of course, it certainly helps to have assistance in the form of special perks, but a new visitor can still get around and find matches even with a free account. Apart from profile creation and matching, the app also provides the possibility to message or chat with others. Depending on the profile’s attractiveness, it is very easy to spend the whole time without purchasing anything.


The premium service is called Bumble Boost. It can certainly make life easier for men when their profile is not very competitive. The biggest advantage would be the ability to view people who have swiped right. This significantly narrows down the pool available to a user without having to try anything fancy. The boost feature can be purchased for just one week at the cost of $8.99. This may be on the expensive side, but the prices go down rapidly when opting for one month or three-month plans, which cost $24.99 and $16.66 per month, respectively. The six-month option is pretty affordable, and it can reduce costs to as low as $13.33 per month.

The subscribers get the added benefits of being able to rematch with previous connections if they had expired. Furthermore, all connections get the 24-hour deadline that is usually applicable to matches.

The Bumble coins are also a great way of maximizing the software’s functionality. These can be purchased for as little as $1.99, which gives one coin. There are also options to pick up 20 coins in one go, as it would dramatically reduce the price to just $1.25 per one. Meanwhile, the coins can be used for SuperSwipe, which is a way of informing the specific user about significant interest from your side.

Bumble Design & Usability

Bumble has been able to nail down the design with its attractive color schemes and user-friendly layout. It would have been easy for the color palettes to be flashy in a dating site that focuses primarily on women, but it has been designed in the opposite way. All features can be accessed within a few taps, and users will be able to find their way around, even if they are not tech-savvy.

In terms of usability, Bumble has done a commendable job since many of the features do not end up adding to the experience only on paper. Several options are available to a person who can even use the app for finding something serious. Keep in mind that the program can be utilized as a social networking tool to meet new friends.

Mobile App

This app-only platform is rather easy to access, use, and navigate. Everything starts with downloading the software from the respective app stores and setting up a profile. Initially, a Facebook login was the only option to open an account, but now, users are given a chance to link a phone number. If one chooses a Facebook login, all the information from the profile is pulled into the platform automatically. This makes it a lot easier to build up the dating profile and start swiping, as even photos can be imported from Facebook.

The app comes with information about age, employment history, education, and more if a person has not stated any preference. Apart from the Facebook page, people can also link Instagram and Spotify accounts. All elements of the app, like swipe mechanisms and messaging, are easy to use. Perhaps, it is the most significant advantage.

Contact Information

Company: Bumble Trading, Inc.

Address: 1209 Orange Street Wilmington, DE 19801, United States

Phone: N/A

E-mail: feedback@team.bumble.com

Bumble Review: Final Thoughts

Bumble has been around for more than five years, and it has become one of the default options for a woman who wants complete peace of mind when it comes to choosing a date. The communication options are available for free, and it is up to men whether to spend some money here or not. The inability to get success via initiating a conversation can be a disadvantage for males. However, this app is perfect for those who would like the lady to make the first move. Apart from being an excellent tool for short and long-term relationships, one can also come across friendship or business networking through this virtual space. The pricing has also been done attractively to make this an excellent choice for all individuals.

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