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BrazilCupid Review 2022

BrazilCupid Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 59%
Quality Matches 85%
Popular Age 21-45
Profiles 1 560 000
Reply Rate 81%
Ease of Use 8
Popularity 9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • People seeking real relationships: The majority of people using the website are serious about their relationships, which makes it clear that it is a trusted and legit platform on which people can trust without any doubt.
  • Tags: The tags feature allows you to put tags on your profile, which defines your traits. The tags placed on someone's profile are very eye-catching and can instantly make the other person have a sneak peek about the person.
  • Blocking: If you are not comfortable talking to a person or thing that the profile could be spammy, you can instantly put that profile in your block list so that the person wouldn't be able to contact you via BrazilCupid anymore.
  • Account Verification: The accounts verified by the BrazilCupid team have a green mark on their profile. To increase the authenticity of your profile, you can also use this feature. All you need to do is to upload a document that certifies your identity, and the team will mark your profile as legit, which will make your profile more authentic, amongst others.
  • Messaging: To directly interact with the other person, either of you need to have a premium account. If both of you are a part of the free membership, you won't send and receive messages from each other. It is a significant drawback for all the members who are using the free version.
  • No iOS app: There is no app for people using iPhones, which is again a drawback because many people are iPhone users.

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BrazilCupid is one of the oldest and top dating websites founded by Cupid media in the year 2005. Being a part of such a significant network, i.e., CupidMedia, BrazilCupid is highly recognized amongst people from Brazil and connects thousands of Brazilian singles with people across the globe. At present, the site has a wide reach with over 100,000 users around the world. Along with that, the active users are 54,000 in number. Most of them are from Brazil, the United States, France, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. It also serves as a social media network where people can randomly make friends and explore the platform’s amazing features.

The site is excellent for Brazilian singles looking for long-term serious relationships. With a relatively clear and neat interface, BrazilCupid is used by members amongst different age groups ranging from 18-75 years.

How does it work?

How does it work?

The whole procedure of working with BrazilCupid is simple. Information exchange requires only a couple of straightforward advances. The individuals of various age groups find it to be fast and simple to explore. In the wake of making the record, you can feel free to begin exploring the platform by looking through the profiles and watching pictures. The free membership is valuable to know the site, and its working yet to receive genuine rewards. You can go for a Premium Membership where you will get the option to contact the individuals you like. The Action button is available directly over the profile image of the contact. When you look over the profile, you can tap on the activity catch to start the discussion.

Sign-Up & Login Process

Sign-Up & Login Process

If you want to take advantage of the features available on this website, you need to create an account on this platform.

The process of joining this network is quite simple and time-saving. First of all, you will have to visit www.brazilcupid.com; then, you have to click on ‘View Singles Now,’ available in the middle left of the homepage. Once you click on that, a pop-up will appear on the screen with a registration form. It will include information like your name, gender, the gender of the person you are seeking on this platform, your email address, and you have to create a password for your BrazilCupid account so that you can log in to your account in the future. Once you enter all these details, click on the ‘View Singles Now’ button, usually ‘Sign-Up’ on most of the websites, but you will find it different in this case. However, clicking on that button will submit your details on BrazilCupid. There is also a sleek way to create an account on this platform. Under that Sign-Up form, you will find an option saying ‘Join with Facebook,’ click on that button, and all the required information will be taken out from Facebook, and you will be ready to browse various profiles with 2-3 minutes.

Profile Interface

Profile interface

Creating a profile on BrazilCupid is very easy. At the time of registration, you’re just required to fill in the details, such as your name, gender, and age. Based on these details, BrazilCupid shows the matches for you. But these matches are not the best because they are not based on appropriate information. If you want to get the best matches, it is recommended to fill in all the required information mentioned in your profile. In the profile, there are various tabs, namely Photos, Profile, Match, Interest, Personality, CupidTags, Verify profile. Below is a brief explanation about these tabs:

  1. Photos: In this section, you are required to upload some of your photos.
  2. Profile: Other than your name and age, it asks you to fill in some further information about your Appearance, Lifestyle, Background, and some optional information about yourself and your would-be partner.
  3. Match: In this, you need to give all the information about your partner.
  4. Interest: In this section, there is a list of hobbies, and you need to select multiple options based on your interests.
  5. Personality: This tab asks for some personality-related questions such as your favorite movie, books, etc.
  6. CupidTags: In this, you can add brief tags that can be relevant to any information about you. It helps in optimizing your profile as when the people search for words mentioned by you in the CupidTags section, your profile will automatically pop up.
  7. VerifyProfile: In this, you just need to upload a document verified by the BrazilCupid team. Your profile will have a green sign, which means that your profile is more authentic than others.



As mentioned earlier, it is recommended to fill in all the information asked in the profile section. Based on the information, BrazilCupid shows you the best matches. To make it more personalized, you can further apply filters based on your requirements and get the perfect matches. To communicate, you can send likes to a person to show the person that you are interested in her/him. You can also add the person to your favorites list. If you want to message the person to make the actual conversation directly, you should be a part of the paid subscription. If you both use the free version, then, unfortunately, you cannot directly contact the person. The premium packages are economical and worth using to go ahead without thinking and upgrade to the premium membership to communicate and enjoy more awesome features.

Members structure and activities

Members structure and activities

This dating site hosts over 100,000 members registered on this dating platform, out of which 54,000 users are active members. The users are profoundly active just to find their partners from different countries. Almost 30,000 members get active weekly; most of the members have a straight orientation, and they are interested in sensual dating and long-term relationships.

Users Age

BrazilCupid is renowned for its great user base, that is hyper-active on this platform. Since there are users of almost every age, you will generally find people from 18 – 55+, whereas members from 25 – 34 age group are most active on this platform.

Sexual Preferences

This dating platform provides you partly equal proportions, such as 48% of females and 52% of males active on this website. However, there is an abundance of profiles that you can easily match, and you would not find such a problem.

Race And Ethnicity

Generally, the user-base is evenly distributed throughout the world, but this dating platform is very renowned in some areas. The people of countries like Brazil, the United States, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and France are frequent users, and you can find them on the website without any difficulty.

Religious Orientation

BrazilCupid provides a harmonious relationship between people of almost every religion with 100,000 registered users worldwide. Moreover, most of the members are Christians, whereas other members are distantly found in equal proportions. Also, the website provides a bias-free atmosphere for its users. Here people of every religion are welcomed with a happy face.

BrazilCupid dating website features

BrazilCupid dating website features
  1. Cupid Tags

It is a unique feature that helps you show off the best of your personality by putting up these tags on your profile; these tags are named “Cupid Tags.”

  1. Superfast Messaging

BrazilCupid provides you real-time messaging that helps you text instantly. Its lightning-fast messaging helps many singles find their life partner. The user interface of the chat screen is very comfortable and easy to use. The platform also provides message templates to people who don’t know to use pick-up lines.

  1. Account Verification

You get active attention by verifying your account as it helps other members build trust in you and your profile becomes even more trustworthy. You get better profile matches, more likes, and messages. To verify your account, you just need to upload your identification document to their email.

  1. Block Suspicious Account

It is one of the most basic features that help you get rid of creepy and suspicious profiles as you can easily block and report such people who send you offensive texts or scammers. You won’t get any single message again once you block them.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

The BrazilCupid team is very concerned about maintaining people’s safety. They take appropriate measures for the same and use the world’s leading fraud prevention technology. The team recommends using a different email address while signing up with BrazilCupid. You can also block a person if you find the profile spammy. If someone tries to be offensive, you can directly report the person by clicking on the report abuse button mentioned on the person’s profile. You can always count on the support team in case of any questions or concerns.

Is BrazilCupid Legit or Scam Service?

BrazilCupid is one of those sites which fills in according to the client’s necessities. The significant target of this site is to give you satisfaction and satisfy your dreams. This site is genuine and legit.

Subscription types and price

Subscription types and price

The company provides various features on this website free of cost, but those features are accessible only through a limit. To get rid of that limit, you will have to buy a membership. BrazilCupid offers you two different types of memberships – Gold and Platinum.

Duration Costs Total
Platinum Membership
12 Months 12.50 USD / Month 149.99 USD
3 Months 23.33 USD / Month 69.98 USD
1 Month 34.99 USD / Month 34.99 USD
Gold Membership
12 Months 10.00 USD / Month 119.98 USD
3 Months 20.00 USD / Month 59.99 USD
1 Month 29.98 USD / Month 29.98 USD

Free Membership

There are various free features that you can avail of just by registering yourself on this platform. These features are quite basic, as the other advanced features are under the paid memberships. However, these free features are the following:

  1. Matching Profiles
  2. Send Likes
  3. Interaction with Paid Members

Gold Membership

Gold membership allows you to take advantage of some premium features besides free ones. However, you do not get to access every single feature on the website, but these features are more than enough. Those features are the following:

  1. Interaction with all the Members
  2. Live chat with Instant Messaging
  3. Full access to Messages
  4. Ad-free Environment
  5. Anonymous Browsing with Hide your Profile Feature

Platinum Membership

Platinum membership allows you to take control of all the features available on this website. All the Free Features and the Features available on Gold Membership are also included in the Platinum Membership. The features available in Platinum Membership are the following:

  1. Higher Rank against other Members
  2. Your Profile Space will be doubled in the Search Results
  3. VIP highlight of the profile
  4. Advanced search options
  5. Advanced matching algorithms
  6. Messages translation tool

Website design and usability

Website design and usability

The website provides you a premium feel, and every feature is well detailed and easily visible. The site has a great design, and it is straightforward to use, along with a profound usage. Despite being a popular dating site, this website seems to be glitch-free and free of errors in many ways. The website is made to keep in mind the psychology of its users, which is why it is accessible to people of every age group. Thus, this platform is easily accessible and greatly addicting to even the newest members. The color, themes, and design of the website are very appealing as well as many advanced features are just well placed. Big buttons add a plus point to the grace of the website.

Mobile application

Here are bad news for iOS users as the company does not provide any mobile application for Apple users. However, the privilege has been provided to Android users. Android users can easily access the mobile application of BrazilCupid. Every feature is the same with a great user interface, and it is light, fast, and easy to use. It is a replica of the desktop version, just concise in your hands.

Contact information

Company: Cupid Media Pty Ltd.

Address: Australia, QLD 9726, Gold Coast MC, PO Box 9304.

Phone: +61755711181

Email: team@BrazilCupid.com


BrazilCupid is undoubtedly a worth trying dating site if you wish to meet authentic people and make serious relationships with them. The economical pricing lets you experience the awesome features offered by the site. Moreover, the easy to use interface makes it more efficient for a layperson to use the website. The people have reported that their account got terminated for no reason. But that is just a part of the various security measures taken by the team. That is why it is recommended to fill in all the information and verify your account. It takes a few minutes, but if you are serious about making quality relationships, it is just a matter of a couple of seconds.

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