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Ashley Madison Review 2022

Ashley Madison Review 2022
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Active Audience 64%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 22-25
Profiles 40 000 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 9.6
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • You have probably heard of this platform due to the hack it faced a couple of years back. Luckily, Ashley Madison's security has been updated and is much more reliable now, so there are no worries.
  • It is the perfect place if you are looking to spice up your life with a little adventure on the side. No one will judge here.
  • If you are traveling a lot, then you might as well get lucky on your next stop. For that, this site provides special tools for travelers.
  • The prettier sex gets more love here because the ladies can use the service without paying anything; you can easily find lots of gorgeous ladies ready to meet.
  • Continuing with the previous point, since many girls are signing up, guys are much more likely to create an account. There are lots of affluent and handsome men looking to meet someone on Ashley Madison.
  • Since the whole affair theme is a sensitive topic, it has many tools and options to help users remain entirely discreet and safe.
  • In contrast to other dating platforms, affairs are not frowned upon on this site but instead encouraged. Users feel accepted, secure, and at home while using this service.
  • This service has been in business since the start of the century, so you can trust its experience because it has over twenty years.
  • It is no longer a place just for those sneaky and free souls looking for an affair. Now, you can use it to find real love and long term relations. You can even find partners for monogamous arrangements.
  • Gone are the days when people were talking about this site as unsafe. Ashley Madison rebuilt its image and became a much better platform with really beefy security and tons of extra functionality.
  • It has an incredible tool to help you edit the photographs you upload. There, you can add blur, masks, or just retouch the picture a little.
  • Though it successfully rebuilt its image, Ashley Madison is still regarded as "The site with the data bridge" in some small circles.
  • Since it is all about security and anonymity, it is tough to come across the real data on things as users count. Even harder is finding exact information about the gender or location of the users.
  • A very significant portion of users is middle age and above. Younger populations are widely under-represented.
  • Since this site is known as a place for affairs, most users sign up with that in mind, which can make it harder to find individuals interested in serious relationships. Nonetheless, there has been an increase in the number of people entering this site with those goals in mind, so you may find what you are after.
  • Even though the ladies get all the goodies free of charge, there is still a male majority using Ashley Madison's site. Nonetheless, there are so many users who do not struggle to find their special one.
  • Your current relationship status should be stated right on the registration form; that may be a small annoyance for some.
  • The overall feeling in this platform is sexually charged, which may be disconcerting for some users.

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How Does It Work?

Ashley Madison is one of those platforms that need no presentation; its fame precedes it both good and bad. Many experts agree that all publicity is good publicity, and this may be an excellent example of that. This platform was well known for being a place to find affairs. Rich and important people and your everyday guy or girl were using it to find a little fun on the side. Most people just wanted casual encounters to enjoy the kind of stuff their spouses or wives would not let them do.

In 2014, there was a big data bridge, and some high profile users’ information got leaked. That was the first time this site was in the mouths of practically everyone around the world. For almost any company, that may have meant the end of their business, but not for Ashley, it took that as an opportunity to better itself. After the bridge, it improved its security by miles. It now has many systems in place that assure a very secure, encrypted, and private.

Ashley Madison rebuilt its brand, and now it is much bigger, has more functionality, and many more users than before that incident. Moreover, it reimagined itself and is now on the path of changing people’s perception of the site. It currently offers options for people who just want to meet someone to date or even love. The whole affair theme is not going anywhere, and this site is and will always be a judgment-free place for spicy adventures. Nonetheless, it now has something to offer for people who want serious relationships, whether those are monogamous or polygamous.

This site is a little different from most other similar dating platforms in the way users pay for the service. Most sites offer some monthly, trimestral, or yearly payment for a membership that includes specific features like messages and rank. Here, Ashley Madison does not provide memberships but rather credits. Each function has a certain cost in credits, and you only pay for what you use, which is much better for your wallet than paying a monthly fee that may be wasted in some cases like when you do not use the platform while on vacation.

Ashley Madison

Sign-Up & Login Process

The Ashley Madison platform emphasizes discretion and security, which is noticeable from the get-go. When creating a profile, you notice how little private information it asks for. You have to fill up a couple of columns about your appearance, interests, and limits (there is a sexual theme always present). Some contact information, and that is all.

Its attention to detail shows even while signing up because after uploading your pictures, the site provides a tool to help you edit them. Maybe you want to blur something in the picture, add some masks to cover certain parts of it, or just enhance it a little. The site gives you the tools for that.

Also, keep in mind that signing up is completely free, but you need to buy credits to take full advantage of the Ashley Madison site. Women get the upper hand here because most things are free for them, which is great. After all, that attracts more female users.

Ashley Madison

Profile Interface

The theme of discretion and secrecy gets carried over to the profiles and how they are set up. First of all, the site encourages uploading discrete photographs, which means there are many pics where you cannot see the person’s face. In the same manner, profiles provide very little information about the person. It can be seen as positive or negative; after all, you do not need much personal information to understand whether you are attracted to that person.

On the other hand, if you are using the Ashley Madison site to find something serious, you can easily add tons of information about yourself, pictures of your face, etc. This platform does not limit you when it comes to adding info and sharing if that is what you want. Another positive is that you can edit your information at any time, maybe add some extra info about yourself or just get rid of things that are no longer relevant.

Any user can see profiles; you do not need credits to check out profiles or even look at the pictures, which is a huge plus.


Communication is essential for such a platform, and Ashley Madison has a couple of tricks under its sleeve to make that experience amazing. As mentioned before, you can blur your pictures or add all kinds of masks, but there is a way of seeing the original photo. After you have been talking with someone and you feel confident enough, you have the option to share with them your unique key, with that they can open the picture without any masks, blur, or anything of sorts. It is a brilliant way of managing privacy without losing freedom. After all, anyone can check out your profile and pictures, but just the ones with the key can see the original versions of them.

When it comes to messaging, women have an advantage because they can chat as much as they please for free. The guys need to buy credits to send messages. Nonetheless, everyone can send winks on Ashley Madison for free.

Ashley Madison

Members Structure and Activities

This site is big in privacy and discretion; for that reason, they do not disclose exact data on its users. That includes how many users it has, their gender, or location. Nonetheless, it is a known fact the people in this platform are very active, and messages get replies fairly quickly.

One of the Ashley Madison site’s tactics to attract people is giving crucial functionality, like messaging free to female users. It is a great approach and attracts lots of new users every day. Regardless, there are still more men than women using the platform.

Ashley Madison

Users Age

When talking about age groups, you are looking at middle-age and older; usually, people with a stable income, well located, and with some money to spend on the side. That leaves the younger groups aged from eighteen up to the late twenties, relegated into a small fraction of the overall user base.

Sexual Preferences

This site does not discriminate in any way, so people from all genders are welcomed with open arms. There is no exact data on users’ gender breakdown, but sources say there is a heterosexual majority on Ashley Madison’s website. Nonetheless, it is a majority by a little margin because homosexuals are also very active on this site.

Race and Ethnicity

This platform is international and caters to all nationalities and ethnicities. It even has special tools for frequent travelers so you can find people from all nationalities and races using this platform.

Ashley Madison

Religious Orientation

Religious orientation is not emphasized in this platform, but you can easily filter people by their religious beliefs on the search page. That should help you find the right person for you.

Ashley Madison Dating Website Features

One of the best features Ashley Madison offers is the editing tools for photographs and, subsequently, its special keys. As mentioned before, you can easily blur your face or cover certain parts of a picture upon loading it to the site. That picture is saved in both forms, original and edited. The beauty lies in the fact that only you have a special key that unlocks that original version of the picture, and you can share that key via message with anyone you choose and feel comfortable enough to share that.

Here, you can also create a list of your preferred profiles. It is extremely handy to keep those users you liked close to you. The list is free, and you can gather up to one hundred profiles there. It is also easily editable, so if you run out of space, just get rid of those profiles that are no longer of interest to you and add new ones.

Ashley Madison

Safety & Security

A site that is known for helping people engage in affairs should have adequate security in place. Luckily for the users of Ashley Madison’s site, that is precisely the case here. Ashley has tons of systems in place to protect users both inside and outside the platform. Everything is encrypted, data of users is not public in any way, and even while using the service, you can control how much people see on your profile, on your pictures, and how you communicate with them.

Is Ashley Madison Legit or Scam Service?

The Ashley Madison platform has been in the market for long enough to become a household name. There are no doubts about its legitimacy and truthfulness of its claims. You can easily trust that this site delivers on its claims, and it’s a safe bet for online dating.

Ashley Madison

Subscription Types and Price

This platform does not have memberships; everything here works with credits. Membership is usually not the best option for you because you end up buying lots of things you do not really need that come in a bundle. Here, you can purchase credits and spend them as you see fit, which is much smarter in a financial sense.

Moreover, the price for Ashley Madison credits is quite reasonable:

  • 100 credits – 59 USD
  • 500 credits – 169 USD
  • 1000 credits – 289 USD
Ashley Madison

Free Membership

As a free user, you get access to the main features like checking out profiles, sending winks, the photo editing tools, and even the favorites list. Nonetheless, if you want to message users, then you need to upgrade.

Buying credits unlock messaging functionality. You get its unique “Guarantee,” which means that you are eligible for a refund if you did not find anyone after three months. You can also send gifts and communicate with as many people as you want.

Website Design and Usability

The Ashley Madison website is beautiful and very well drawn. As soon as you enter the site, you can feel the atmosphere of romance and sexy encounters. The designers did a magnificent job while creating this site. Gorgeous but, at the same time, very functional. Everything is laid out intuitively, helping users find their way around the tools and pages quickly and effectively.

Ashley Madison

Mobile Application

The Ashley Madison mobile application is an excellent addition to this platform. It has all the amazing features that you find in the desktop version but in a smaller package. It is also available for apple and android, so regardless of which system you use, you can get your hands in the app.

Contact Information

Company: Ruby Life Inc.

Address: PO Box 67027, Toronto, ON M4P 1E4 Canada

Phone-Hotline: (416) 480-r2334

Email: support@ashleymadison.com

Ashley Madison


It is an excellent option for people who are looking for some fun on the side. Its approach to privacy ensures that you are safe while using the app, and no third parties can access any of your information. In the same manner, you control what is shown on your profile, how much of your pictures are on display, and more. If you want to meet like-minded people ready to spice up your evening, then Ashley Madison is for you.

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