If you are a single parent, you know well that dating always comes with challenges. Being a parent, you realize how your relationships with kids determine your life. This is when you can use SingleParentMeet — an online dating website. It has been created for those single moms and dads who are looking for a serious partner or friends. Apart from being a dating platform, SingleParentMeet aims to brand itself as a social discovery website where everyone can find a friend and have fun with others due to its features.

The goal of SingleParentMeet is to create a community where no one has to explain status because everyone happens to be single parents. Here you have all the chances to find an understanding partner. As a matter of fact, this website has already become a venue of many success stories of people finding their true love on SingleParentMeet.

Keep on reading to find out more information about SingleParentMeet, such as features, pros and cons, along with other helpful things.

SingleParentMeet: Member Structure

Among the members of SingleParentMeet, there are around 77,000 people from the USA, while 50,000 happen to be active every week. 45% are female; the rest are males. All Canadians and Americans can use this dating website.

To start using SingleParentMeet, first, you will need to fill in your personal profile. Here you can find people who are willing to meet a single mom or dad. Usually, these parents are too busy but still want to get out for a date. Thus, a place like SingleParentMeet is highly appreciated. Children always require a lot of time, so many people simply cannot afford themselves mingling with others. Thus, at SingleParentMeet, some users are looking for friendly relationships while others are open to sexual ones. It’s no wonder, as we are all different.

How Do I Sign up at SingleParentMeet?

To register, you need to:

It is quite easy to register at SingleParentMeet: an email address, username, and password are all that you need. New users do not have to provide too many personal details to complete the signup process. It’s completely up to them to decide how much information their profile should have. Interestingly, all newcomers are required to tell a little about their story. It can help them to draw someone’s attention to their accounts.

How to Make Contact at SingleParentMeet?

Users of SingleParentMeet can exchange private messages. In addition to that, there are such features as Flirts, Favourites, and Virtual Gift to interact with others. Using just their username, they can look for people and check who is online at the moment. It is also possible to find out who is interested in your profile via the Match section.

To send private messages, it’s necessary to get subscribed to membership, and free users may get really upset about it. Your account should be upgraded to have more communication possibilities. At the same time, the Match and Send Flirt features are free of charge. They allow people to build a connection with other members instantly. Apart from sending messages, people can also use various SingleParentMeet search options and filter results due to specific preferences such as location, age, height, and weight.

Profile Quality at SingleParentMeet

The section with personal information at SingleParentMeet happens to be pretty much similar to other dating online websites. At the same time, there are additional questions, which are very helpful in creating a good impression on other members. SingleParentMeet users are allowed to edit or update their personal information while the profiles seem to be rather detailed. You should also consider that it is not possible to see a profile photo for free.

When a user completes the registration process providing basic details, the profile picture is going to be reviewed. Only after that, it will be visible to other members of SingleParentMeet. However, it is not hard to set it up, which is one of the reasons why SingleParentMeet is so popular.

Does SingleParentMeet Have a Mobile App?

A mobile application is an essential part of any website. Thus, SingleParentMeet is one of those dating platforms that provides its community with an application; the latter can be downloaded free of charge.

The SingleParentMeet application can make the process even handier and more convenient as people can search and meet potential partners at their fingertips. This way, they can keep on with their conversation without utilizing wired computers or massive gadgets. The usability of the SingleParentMeet application is second to none of the computer version; however, it’s considered to be more organized and simple. The interface of the app is easy to navigate. Any interested person can download it from the App Store or Google Play. The application itself uses mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. The SingleParentMeet app is of high importance as parents are always on the go and do not miss their chances to meet someone they like.

Real Life Review

“I have been using SingleParentMeet for several days so far, and it is safe to say that this platform features a nice design and user-friendly interface. Moreover, it is functional while the pages happen to be responsive. Although it is rather strange to receive and send messages for money, it is really not a problem. The distinguishing feature is that you can see a lot of information about people in profiles. In my opinion, SingleParentMeet is a great site for singles.” – Anne, 35

Design and Usability

The design of SingleParentMeet is minimalistic. That is why users always find it easy to learn how to use it. The dating platform does not have any excessive graphics; you won’t find any sexually-related advertisements as well. The performance does its job as all the sections and pages are understandable and responsive. There is one more essential thing but for design — usability. SingleParentMeet is known as a reliable dating platform, and together with its dedicated app, one gets a beneficial combination of simplicity and functionality at the same time.

How Much Does SingleParentMeet Cost?

Some services can be used for free by all members of SingleParentMeet:

The mentioned above services are all you can do if you decide not to pay. At the same time, fee-based services include:

That is why many prefer to purchase a premium membership. If you are willing to buy it for a month, you will need to pay 16.99 dollars. Three months will cost you 13.02 dollars per month. The membership for half a year is 7.64 per month. As you can see, if compared to other dating websites, SingleParentMeet is quite affordable.

How to Pay at SingleParentMeet

There are two payment options on SingleParentMeet: credit cards and PayPal. All new upgrades are charged with a one-time processing fee of 3.99 dollars. Although prices per every month are displayed so that members could compare savings, the total cost of the membership is going to be charged in a one-time payment as they complete the purchase.

The receipt page is required by mailed payments. It is shown for users to print while the transaction is being processed. Members are also required to verify that the payment receipt page has a correct member ID number, username, and order number. Every upgrade becomes active within 72 hours after the successful transaction.

More Information About SingleParentMeet’s Special Features

With the help of special features, users can have more advantages in comparison with other online daters. This way, they can be more successful in searching for a partner.

One of them is Promote Me — a token generated feature that provides a boost to SingleParentMeet members. This allows them to become visible and noticeable, getting on the top of the search. Tokens can be bought in bundles.

Another feature is Virtual Gifts. It helps members to express how sweet and thoughtful they are by sending gifts to other members. Every gift obtains an equivalent tokens number required.

Notify Me is another unique option to benefit from. When members are online, it will send them a notification regarding their matches as soon as they log in. These alerts allow people to track their matches at SingleParentMeet.

Pros and Cons of Using SingleParentMeet

SingleParentMeet has both advantages and disadvantages, which is not surprising as there are always two sides of a coin. Let`s see more details.


  1. A unique community of single parents or those who are willing to date single parents.
  2. You can join it free of charge and look for available matches in your location.
  3. There are different members of all ages, orientations, incomes, ethnicities, and education.
  4. The profile configuration is open-ended.
  5. There are various ways to connect and interact with.
  6. SingleParentMeet helps people to find a babysitter via a partner website.
  7. Subscription does not cost too much.

As you can see, SingleParentMeet comes with many benefits. At the same time, you may experience the following drawbacks:

  1. Free trial users cannot read and send messages or see who has liked, flirted, or favorited the profile.
  2. The homepage is rather crowded with redundant options.
  3. SingleParentMeet does not have a phone number for customer support.

Obviously, these disadvantages are not that significant, especially when compared to the benefits of this website.


Single parents have to meet a lot of challenges. Apart from taking care of their children on their own, they also need to guide kids properly so that they could have good manners. Moreover, single parents are to teach their children things, which can be learned at home only. We are talking about the primary roles of every parent. Performing all these things always requires tons of love, patience, and time. The majority of single moms and dads keep giving themselves too much; consequently, they tend to forget about their own happiness. This is when they can use SingleParentMeet.

Some of the website`s features are limited for free users. Sending as well as receiving messages, for example, is only available to people who are subscribed to a membership. Thus, if you are willing to enjoy this dating platform to its fullest, you have to subscribe to a monthly plan. Thus, one will be able to access the paid services and find a match at SingleParentMeet. Moreover, this dating platform provides features that cannot be found on any other dating website. SingleParentMeet boasts a wonderful reputation and lots of positive reviews from its members. In general, this dating platform will definitely satisfy its paying members as they obtain access to endless possibilities. People with a basic account are to upgrade to have more chances to meet a perfect partner at SingleParentMeet.

SingleParentMeet: FAQs

Is SingleParentMeet Free of Charge?

You can use two kinds of membership — Free and Premium.

Is It Possible to Cancel SingleParentMeet Account?

Yes, to do this, you need to click on the “Settings” button. Then you need to select “My account” and go to “Account status.” After that, follow the “View account” status link. This is where you can click on “Remove my profile.” You will also have to answer a short question and get cancelation confirmed.

Does the Dating Website Provide a Refund?

No, users are not provided with any refund.

Can a New User Create a Profile With the Help of the App?

Yes, new users can sign up for a new account and create a profile directly from SingleParentMeet application.

How Do I Block a Member?

To block a member at SingleParentMeet, you need to click the “Block” icon on the user`s profile.